How to Make a Blog Step by Step: Blogging Tips A. 01

How to Make a Blog Step by Step

A lot of people still ask me how to create a blog on different platforms to get started; So in this article, I’m going to show you, how to make a blog step by step under Blogging Tips tutorials series; (A. 01 – A = Article 01)

You will get weekly blogging tips, from how to start to how to make money and do it professionally; I’m not going to explain all here because I will show you more in practical format so, make sure you do your own research as well; So that will help you understand things in a better way;

Blogging gives you the option to share your opinions and thoughts directly through your web journal or platform which is known as a blog;Click To Tweet

Let’s get started with the blogging tips and tutorials;

How to Create a New Blog on Blogger

This is the section where you will learn how to create a blog on blogger platform or normally you can say on a; It’s really simple to create a blog on blogger;

  • First of all, you need to have Gmail or Google A/C to create your blog on Blogger platform.
  • Now after that go to and sign in your Gmail account.
  • Finally, you will get blogger dashboard from where you have to create your new blog. It’s simple to create a blog on blogger because you are not getting huge features that may confuse you.
  • Here you have to Enter Your Blog Title and Blog URL and finally click on Create Blog button. That’s it.

Create Blog on Blogger

  • Finally, you own your personal blog on blogger. It’s time to prepare yourself for blog publishing.

That’s it, those are the few steps to create a blog in blogger platform; It’s so simple and easy; Blogger is one of the most popular and widely used platforms by online writers and bloggers as we can say;

How to Create a Blog Using WordPress is widely used blogging platform because it’s more flexible than Blogger and better in terms of blogging features; That has some limitations but still, most of the people prefer to use WordPress instead of Blogger;

  • First of all, you need to go to, where you will see Get Started button; As you click on that button you will get a form where you can fill the details to create your blog;

wordpress blog

  • There are 3 basic steps to create a WordPress blog, just give the blog name with the necessary details and
  • As you fill the necessary details you will get an option where you have to choose your Blog’s Unique URL;

create a wordpress blog

  • As you can see in the above image, there is a free option where you can select to create your blog; But still, I would like to recommend is that you can go with the proper domain and cheap hosting;
  • After selecting the plan you have to pick the plan which is suitable for your blog; If you can invest certain amount then define the budget and choose the plan for better blogging experience;

Note: On a Free Platforms Like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr you will get your blog on a subdomain, which will look bit professional if you see as a career wise but to get started it’s better to get started with subdomains;

How to Create a Blog Using Tumblr

If you don’t know what is Tumblr then it’s one of the most popular Microblogging platforms, which gives you a platform to create a free blog and you can share your things on Tumblr with your audience; It’s really simple to create an account on Tumblr, just go to the website and sign up;

  • First of all, you have to visit, and there you will see Get Started button to create a blog on Tumblr; Just click on that and you are good to go;

create a blog on tumblr

  • As you get started you have to fill up the form for signing up and you will get a confirmation email and you are good to go with publishing and creating your own blog through Tumblr;
  • Furthermore, you can manage everything from the Tumblr dashboard, where you will get a setting and managing option for your blog;

Wrapping it up

These three Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr are one of the most popular platforms for creating a free blog; We will discuss more tips and tricks along with marketing aspects of blogging in upcoming tutorials series;

Make sure you stay tuned to our website for more updates on blog marketing, content writing and ideas and stuff; We will try to cover every aspect of blogging;


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