How to Re-Open and Close Project on Android Studio


In our previous tutorials, we have learned about creating a project and opening an existing project. If we talk about programming every time we need to change the previously written code and debug the problems on the project etc.. that why we need to do re-open project and close project.

The alternative method we have previously learned is opening an existing project that I have already mentioned above in this article.

In this article, you will learn about the re-opening of the project and the closing of the project. These two things are most important while working with the android studio.

Re-Opening projects

It’s very simple to re-open projects on the android studio.
Step1: Start your android studio and go for file menu
Re-Opening android projects
Step2: After that, you need to click or point on re-open projects option and you have to select the project that you want to re-open. After clicking on the project you will see an option to open the project on the new window and this window that depends on you how you want to re-open your new project.
Re-Opening androidprojects
Re-Opening projects

Closing of project

This closing of the project can help you to close your opening project, after closing project it will lead you to the main window of an android studio where you will find recent projects and various options.
Step1: Go for file menu and click on close project button that will directly lead you to another start window of your android studio.
Closing of android project
Closing of android project
Closing of android project


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