How to Register Domain in Nepal for Free in [2018]

Few of the Nepali Bloggers asked me this question repeatedly “how to register domain in Nepal” So in this article I’m going answer and most probably solve your problem;

Let’s start,

Nepali Citizen?

Then this might be a very helpful article for you.

Want your own free domain then follow the given steps and you will get it without spending a penny.

For that, there are few requirements

  • Must be a Nepali Citizen (.NP) is the domain extension for Nepal.
  • You must provide official documents like Citizenship or Driving License for verification.

Those two are the basic required things but still, has some terms and conditions you need to check before you apply for the free domain.

  1. Domain registration/modification under .NP is free of cost **.
  2. The registration of a domain name is a listing service. The listing service of names within the .NP delegated name space is undertaken on a First Come – First Served basis (except in cases where it infringes upon a registered trade names and the conditions listed below), moderated by the .NP domain’s administration policies as determined by the delegated authority (MOS-NP). The registration function does not trade in, or license in any way any entity (including the listing requesting entity) to trade in the requested name.

Make sure you follow the rules and get your personal domain for free or your company domain for free by verifying that you are the legit person or the company.

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Steps to Follow for.COM.NP Free domain registration.

First of all, makes sure your desired domain is available. domain search

If it’s available you can register that particularly selected domain. Where you can blog or where you can showcase your own portfolio.

domain available

As you can see the domain is available for me and I’m going to register that right now by clicking on Register now button.

I already have an account there but If you don’t have an account then you will have to create one and submit all the details for that domain registration.

free domain registration in nepal

After creating an account you will see the domain request form.

domain request form

Now there you have to fill out the name servers. Name servers represent the hosting space that you are going to use for your website.

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Note: If you are new to domain and registration then it’s mandatory to have name server or hosting. If you don’t have hosting or nameservers, then you can use free service from Freehostia. I’ve been using from past few years and it’s working fine for me.

Before you put Nameservers create a account and then you will get name servers for your website.

domain name servers

After adding name servers on the form now you will have to fill up all the necessary and requested personal information in details. domain registration details

As you can see they are asking for your personal details. If you get confused at any point you can check their help note as well. After putting all the details save the request, further, you will have to provide your citizenship if you are trying to register your own domain. If not then you will have to provide a company registration form and cover letter.

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If they are requesting for the cover letter then write a formal letter with addressing who are you, what are you and why are you requesting the domain by addressing the provider.

That’s it.

If you are looking for any specific help then please feel free to contact us.

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