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This is the most important thing if you are the beginner, you may confuse where to write HTML code and Where to get its output. There are different tools to write HTML codes.

There are the different type of application software which is simply known as browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome , Safari, Internet Explorer.

Amazing HTML Editors:

There are different kinds of HTML editor like as Notepad, Notepad++, Dreamweaver, TextEdit etc.
In our computer, we will find Notepad. It is provided by windows system.

It’s widely used for text editing and some other coding purpose.

Notepad++ is the one of the most popular text editors, where you can do many types coding and compile them. To use Notepad++ you must have to download it.

Dreamweaver developed by Adobe co-operation this is the advance and popular editorial tool. Inside Dreamweaver, you can get the awesome features.

It is the fastest, easiest and efficient tools to do web designing.

Mostly Dreamweaver is used for web designing. You can do server side scripting and client side scripting on Dreamweaver efficiently.

To use this you must have to download this tool from the internet or you can buy.

Amazing Web Browsers.

The browser is the application software which is used to give the request to the server through internet.

Here we have used a browser to see the output of the HTML code. HTML code output will display in the browser. There are different browsers you can use anyone. All browser support HTML syntax.


How to Save.

This most important part, if you forgot to save your HTML code in required format then you can get the output on browser. The extension of the HTML is .htm or .html.

While saving the HTML document don’t forget to use .htm or .html extension next to the document name. 
eg. index.html or index.htm

Try It By Yourself

Try this code on your text editor and check the output below code will give you below output on your browsers.

<!doctype html>
<title>Learn HTML</title>
<h1> Learning HTML</h1>
<p> Hi! Guys i am learning HTML from today </p>
<p> HTML is amazing to learn, this will help me
to create my own web page </p>


Learning HTML


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