I have no idea how to start a blog can anyone of you help me?

how to start a blog and make money

This is the question which was asked on Quora. And it triggered my mind, where many of our readers were also asking the same question again and again. And I thought of giving an answer through this article;

BTW you can follow me on Quora as well, now let’s get into the topic; This question was asked by Sanju Limbu;

So I’m going to start a new blog and I have no idea how to start can anyone of you help me?

Now first thing first;

Before you create a blog, decide on which niche you are going to focus. (I mean category) where you are comfortable to write.

  • Now further choose a niche related domain and get hosting as well; Make sure you spend few bucks around 30 to 40$. That will help you get your domain and hosting.
  • After that, it comes to choosing a website design and etc… Make sure you choose a responsive theme and also make sure it’s nice and clean;

Now you are done with Blog setup, it’s time to create content for your readers. To be honest there is a difference between engaging content and worth sharing content.

And I believe first you need to understand your readers perspective and then you can write articles to solve their problem; Just engaging will be not enough, you will have to solve their problems to get attention as well as to make something out of it.

Few guidelines you can try to write better content;

  • Research / Learn on the particular topic
  • Start explaining the facts and analytics if the content has something related to that, if not try to start with your experience. (What you faced and How you solved it)
  • Now define the problem
  • Let them know about it has pros or cons if any.
  • Further, give them a solution.
  • Make sure you ask them their perspective on that particular topic so that you can directly communicate with them;

And please those are not one-time acts, it should be consistent along with content also. Make sure you prepare a schedule of your blogging and content publishing time;

Now finally it comes to Digital Marketing or SEO; Like here you have to make sure your content goes on social media, bookmarking sites and search engine’s as well;

By doing actions on those points you will get traffic. A blog without a traffic is nothing. So you will have to do a lot but at the end, you definitely gonna get the result.

  • Create Facebook pages and groups share your articles there;
  • There are many groups on social media you can join them and fuel your articles.
  • Along with that Twitter and Instagram can help you drive more;
  • For an SEO perspective you will have to work on backlinks from authority sites;
  • Guest Post also work amazingly to build a network as well as quality backlinks.
  • Make sure you focus on keywords as well as, meta description and meta tags.

I believe these are the things you need to do to start your blogging career from level 0, And You don’t have to be pro here; You will learn these all things one by one;
But blogging is a little frustrating, so you need to have a good focus and dedication on it;

Let me know if you guys have any comments or questions related to blogging;


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