11 Ways Increase Traffic From Facebook

Would you like to drive more traffic from Facebook to your website? Traffic is the sole of any blogs and websites. If you really want to drive traffic from Facebook then you have to do hard work on below-mentioned things. Driving traffic to your blog or website is the very tough task that depends on your social media presence and regularity. Driving traffic from Facebook is also tough task because you have to convince your friends to visit your website for that you must have produced great content for your readers.

Regularly Publishing.

Regular publishing is the easiest way to increase your web traffic. It will help you to engage your readers with your new fresh content.

If you engage your readers with your new and informative content that would be better. We are talking about Facebook so if you post something new on your website then you have to notify your readers on regular publishing on Facebook.

Make sure that while publishing on your Facebook content should include some links which can link to your blogs/ websites.

Shareable Content

You should write shareable content on your website. If readers feel the content is awesome, nice, helpful then sure they will share your content. So post new and fresh content.

Make Easy to Share Your Content

This is the important method to drive huge traffic to your blog and websites. Use Facebook share button on your website, so they can share your content easily if they can’t find any sharing method on your website then that’s sure you will fail to drive more traffic from Facebook and any of other social networking sites. Use social plugins on your website.

Create Facebook Ads

To increase your web traffic you can create Facebook ads to promote your links. Creating of Facebook ads will help your website to display on the Facebook users news feed, on their homepage, their mobile, tablets, desktops.

If you want more traffic from Facebook ads then give some offers to your readers, optimize your Facebook ads with new designs to interact Facebook users to force them to click on that link what actually is that.

Use Facebook Targeting Tools

Have you ever heard about Facebook targeting tools? What are those tools? I am sure that all of you have heard about Facebook targeting tools, those you are using every day. Those are Facebook groups, Facebook pages, lists, and etc.

 Join Groups

This is the another great method to increase traffic, join largest groups in Facebook, means which group has many members that group you have to join and comply with their rules and share your content. They will definitely visit your content if that is more informative and helpful.

 Create Pages

Creating of pages for your website will help you to promote your blog/website/business and many things. This will also help you to drive more traffic to your website.

Here you have to invite your friends to like the page on facebook and they will get the news feed on their timeline and they can able to visit your blog if you included their your blog URL.

Don’t forget to link your website to your facebook page. Write the description on the facebook page and put your blog link on that, to make easy to access for visitors.

Comment Link on Reputed Similar Pages

This is not the official method to get traffic but, you can use this way to increase your blog traffic.

The word reputed is known as the page which has lots of visitors and lots of likes on that pages. This is up to you how fast you comment on their posts. Make sure that you have to comment on similar pages.

ASK Question to Readers

This is the another best method to get invoked with your readers and give them the answer on the response. This will really help you to engage your readers.

If you’re they ask you the question related to your blog then you can refer them your blog URL too. If questions are related back to your blog article then that would be better for you.

Include a Blog Tab on Facebook Page

Including blog tab on Facebook page will also help you in this matter. That make easier access with your blog and link. While visitors visit your blog they will see official website or blog about the page and they will definitely check your blog.

Use Attractive Photos With Link

Visitors wants to see something such a beautiful, more attractive and awesome posts, so take care of your visitors and posts some large and beautiful photos.

While posting photos on the Facebook page or Facebook as a status there you have to use your blog link so they can visit your blog.

Escape Links from Facebook Status

While you are posting your blog link on Facebook you have to escape your link. I think you are thinking about it how it is possible without posting a link how can we promote our blog.

Use Link on Photo Description

This is the way of quick access to your blog. While you are posting images on Facebook that time your have to include your blog link in your photo description.

This will also help you in this matter while your friend’s comments and liking on your photo they will see your blog link and they will definitely click on that link.

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