Jame Blunt Lyrics “No Tears”

Jame Blunt Lyrics “No Tears”
“No Tears”
Don’t I know it? Nobody has to say 
I’ve been lucky. Guess I was born that way. 
I thank my father, his absence has made me strong. 
And I love my mother but she had troubles with God. 
No tears for the life that you’ve led 
You’ve had angels in your head 
Did you hear them singing in the end 
All the things that you’ve seen 
All the things that could have been 
Well I’ve been everything I want to be 
So, no tears, no tears for me 
Yeah, I’ve bathed in sunshine but cherished the fading light 
And I heard my heartbeat faulter on a winter’s night 
I loved a woman but she didn’t hear my prayers 
So Lord, oh Lord, I’m yours 
No tears 
Cause someone somewhere’s going home tonight 
Trying to understand the sacrifice 
So save your tears for those left behind 

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डिजीटल एम्पल एउटा म्यागजिन वेवसाइट हो, जहाँ तपाइ अाफ्ना बिचार हरू पब्लिस गराउन सक्नु हुन्छ । यदि तपाइ ले पनि डिजीटल एम्पलको लागी लेख्न चाहनु हुन्छ भने, संपर्क गर्नु होला ।

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