How to Lose Weight Without Hitting Gym 

Now before I get on with this article, I just want to clarify, “Loss of weight” does imply to excess loss of weight or even you getting a nice cut out the physical body, with six packs and all. Rather its tips on how to lose weight, but despite the comparatively low quantity of decrement, you’ll still feel refreshed, healthier and more importantly an active individual.

Before going through all of this you also need to know about 5 side effects of junk food.

#1 Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Now this is not a surprise. Water is not only our everyday essential but a calorie-free substance that provides energy. Now, that’s a bit odd but in a good way.

I have seen so many youngsters or any individuals of any age drink so few glass of water. If you want to see results on your weight loss and improvement of your health, start off by drinking at least a standard 6 glass of  water a day.

But if you are active in terms of playing sports, or even going for a small jog in the morning, then try to drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day. Higher the intensity of your physical exercise, higher the need for fluid. And rather than eliminating that thirst with some cold beer or soft drinks, next time have a glass of water.

#2 Honey over Sugar

Honey over Sugar

Before I even get started with this amazing natural product, I know how difficult it is to find a pure form of Honey on your local store.

In a country like Nepal, unless you’re from the village area itself, you will hardly get your hands on this amazing sweet treat.

We get an industrially prepared honey products, which has it’s impurities and added preservatives that degrade the overall quality of honey, but it is better than the cup of tea you take in the morning.

Replacing sugary items like; cakes, tea, sweet cookies, cream bread etc, with honey will definitely play a big role in your weight loss. It will also slowly bring down your sugar cravings and that is a big YES for our health.

#3 Fibrous Foods over Carbohydrates

Fibrous Foods over Carbohydrates

Again speaking in the context of Nepal, we all have our go to food; “White Rice”. The food is not bad. It’s 10 times healthier and nutritious than packaged carbohydrates like bread, biscuits, etc.

But the fact is, anything that is white and tasty is kind of a hindrance when it comes to losing weight. I’m not saying, we should all stop eating our meal, but reducing the amount and adding fibrous foods like carrots, oats, and whole grains will surely help.

Plus, fibrous foods, keeps our stomach full for longer periods as compared to starch-rich carbohydrates, and thus limits our intake of calorie. Combined with the above two steps, weight loss is a guaranteed.

#4 Intermittent Fasting

This topic can be an article on of itself, so I will not divert into that. For now, in simple terms and in terms of a commonly used type of Intermittent Fasting is the 16-8 time frame. What does this mean is that, out of the 24 hours of a day, you will not eat anything for 16 hours, and the remaining 8 hours, will be your feeding period? Now, don’t get scared by the idea.

You can initiate the time frame, later on of the day. That means, instead of waking up and staying hungry for 16 hours straight, you’ll wake up at 6-7 a.m. (generally) then have a glass of water (nothing else), then from 9 AM and 2PM you’ll have good amount of quality and balanced diet foods, then go hungry from 2p.m. till the next morning (total of 16 hours).

In your time frame of 16 hours, you’re only allowed to drink water and nothing else. This will be hard for many people at first, so be determined and give it a try. Following this method will make you loose weight, oddly makes you much refreshed and healthier. Also, it’s a good habit to go for 24 hours straight fasting, once every month. But despite its advantage, I recommend you to perform this only 2-3 times a week and no more.

#5 Intense Workout

Lose Weight Without Hitting Gym

No, you don’t have to go to the gym for this. It can be achieved at home or at the streets you go out early in the morning. I mentioned jogging at the very first of this article as a good physical exercise, right? But sadly, it can only do so much when it comes to losing weight.

Simply put, the intensity is doing something in the short amount of time. Jogging is good. But it has the only temporary effect on your weight loss. For example, say you jog like 30 mins a day and you’re just a beginner.

In the first month, you’ll definitely see a change in your weight. This is because, as you’re a just a beginner at jogging or it’s your first time being exposed to such activity, you’re body changes via weight loss.

But, as time passes, the 30min jog, becomes adaptive to your body, and it will barely show any results. In the gym, we call it as hitting a plateau, more like hitting a wall. So in order to boost your weight loss, the intensity is crucial. A good example of bringing intensity would be games like basketball, where on one moment you need to run so fast and the next when you’re defending the opponent, you’ll barely even have such instant movements.

Another good way of bringing intensity and the one I prefer is a mix up on our jog. What I basically do is, I walk around first for about 2 minutes, then I slowly and at a steady pace, jog around for about 2 minutes more, but then for 30 secs or more (how much I can handle) I run with everything I’ve got. I’m talking about every ounce of energy in my body is put at work. And immediately, after my sprint is over, I fall on the ground and give as much push ups I can do followed by at least 10 squats.

The greatest wealth is health.

There you have it, 5 Essential Tips On- How to lose weight without hitting the gym. Remember, too much of everything can be bad. So work around with it a little, experiment and see the result and blend with it. Good luck!

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