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Lucifer Back to Hell Michael to turn into an Angel – Lucifer Spoilers

Plesae read the description first before going through the article because here we have Spoilers for Lucifer. If you don't like please avoid this post.

After watching the Lucifer Season 5 trailer I’m quite disappointed because they have revealed everything that they would show on a series.

  • They have said Lucifer is going back to hell.
  • Seems like Cloe feeling sad about that Lucifer is going home.
  • Its the same pattern someone is creating a mess on earth and Cloe is trying to figure out who is he and somewhere Michael is related to those events.
  • Now after that for the same investigating pattern Lucifer came to back Earth and Cloe seem happy after seeing him but she doesn’t know all about Gods and Lucifer.
  • He turns to be a Michael twin of Lucifer and he is evil.
  • So it does not add up Is Michael is more powerful than Lucifer here? I don’t think so but he is very powerful then other beings.

To fight him we need to have Lucifer back, and at the end of the clip, they show Lucifer and Michael fighting. There are other hidden things on that trailer but still, these are the main that you would love to talk about Lucifer.

If you haven’t watched Lucifer then you must check this trailer below.

I will add my thought briefly on other posts regarding this and we will also cover more news and stories on this particular season because this will be the last season of Lucifer.


Lucifer Season 5

Overall - 7.9


Lucifer coming back to earth;

Lucifer, a demon, returns from hell to reside in Los Angeles and runs a club. He soon gets involved with the local police and assists them in solving tricky criminal cases. But in this season 5 here we will see more of Lucifer because he will be fighting his Own brother and there will be more power showcase may be.

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