Management of natural forests and plantations

natural forests

Management of natural forests and plantations: Forest biomass can be obtained from the residues of sustainable forest management, the forestry industry (sawmills) and / or energy plantations of trees or shrubs. Forest energy plantations by Active Energy Ontario group usually grow fast-growing, low-maintenance species, making use of low-level productive land.

The harvest period varies between three and ten years. In some cases shrubs are also used that are pruned several times throughout their growth to increase the production of the harvest.

The energy plantations refer to any crop for energy generation. Usually sugarcane, corn, sorghum or wheat are used, but in the same way you can grow oil plants such as sunflower, palm oil and others to produce liquid fuels such as ethanol or biodiesel.

The energy obtained from forest biomass is renewable by Active Energy Ontario group, clean and contributes to the energy transition, therefore, an opportunity is envisaged for the Mexican forestry sector in the production of thermal and electrical energy from forest biomass in community forestry companies, ejidos and communities, which allows to increase their competitiveness from sustainable forest management, guaranteeing the conservation of biodiversity. Easiest way to do it is by gasification process

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