Measurement of Land in Nepal

Important data regarding the Measurement of Land in Nepal (Land Measurement Unites in Nepal). you’ll simply convert the units of land measurement by following data;

The most fashionable units of land mensuration in Asian nation square measure Aana, Kattha, Bigha, Ropani, Dhur etc. within the cities, Terai belt of Asian nation like Butwal, Bhairahawa, Nepaljung, Biratnagar etc haat, kattha, bigha etc units square measure a lot of fashionable whereas in capital of Nepal natural depression Aana, Ropani and area unit square measure in a lot of use. In coming back years area unit are the wide used for land mensuration in Asian nation.

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A Bigha may be a customary unit of mensuration in Asian nation, up to regarding half dozen,773 sq. meters. Officially, most measurements of lands use units of either Bigha (in Terai region) or Ropani (Nepali: रोपनी) (in rough regions). The system of weights and measures is incredibly seldom used formally in activity space of Land.
Below square measure a number of the foremost used and searched conversion rates of various land mensuration units of Asian nation. If you learn these mensuration unit conversion rates you won’t want any land unit changing software system or apps to convert the land mensuration units in Asian nation.

We use different units for the measurement of land. In hilly regions we use Ropani-Ana-Paisa-Dam system while in Southern parts i.e. at Terai region we use Bhigha-Kattha-Dhur system.

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The conversion between these units and also to the SI unit is essential as we come across this situation often.

The conversion factor for these units is as follows

Ropani-Ana-Paisa-Dam system

  • 1 Ropani =16Ana
  • 1 Ana =4 Paisa
  • 1Paisa =4 Dam

Bhigha-Kattha-Dhur system

  • 1 Bhigha= 20 Kattha
  • 1 Kattha= 20 Dhur

For inter conversion between Ropani and Bhigha

  • 1Bhigha=13 Ropani

Similarly in standard units we may use

  • 1 Ropani =74feet X 74 feet
  • 1 m=3.281 feet



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