Movies Can Help Us to Prepare for Worst, What do you think?

Disaster movies have a lot to teach us, yes that's true, there are so many movies related to disasters, we can take message from them but we failed to do that in real life.

There are so many movies related to a disaster where they predict this could happen or this is the potential assumption of disaster. They assume that and they make a movie and present it to the global audience. Because they feel that this is possible. I know these movies are commercially developed that’s true but still, we can have a lot to learn from them. Isn’t it?

There are many movies in this category to name a few “The Wave”, “The Quake”, “Deepwater Horizon”, “San Andres” etc…

To relate with the present COVID or Pandemic situation there is a movie called Contagion played by Matt Damon which is really an eye-opening movie for me and I believe that will be for you as well. Where they show,

The death of Beth Emhoff and her son leads to the discovery of a deadly virus. While the US Centers for Disease Control struggles to curb its spread, a worldwide panic ensues.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon stars in Contagion as an ordinary citizen caught up in a global pandemic
Claudette Barius ©Warner Bros Entertainment Inc

This movie is fiction but still, somehow that assumption or that story relates to us and the situation that we are facing right now.

My catch is after knowing that in future this type of event may happen or occur but in uncertainty, we could have to make a disaster recovery fund cooperating with different countries. Along with that, we could have maintained equal rights for potential good research where they discover different new things but some times the new discovery becomes a disaster for the world and takes many people.

We could have made for rules for things those are not to be consumed by people or something like that which could have helped us to prevent coming disasters, there could be many ways if we analyze and see through the eyes of humanity but day by day we are becoming very cruel and self-oriented.

There will always be an option for thinking twice before, so, always be prepared for things that you have never faced. Things might come in uncertainly and can cause a powerful impact, in that case, you will have to be prepared with financial support, moral and humanitarian feelings.

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