My Personal Feelings after Watching Bandish Bandits

Honestly, I have started realizing so many things lately but you need a correct time event or place to speak up or to feel something on that particular happening.
After watching Bandish Bandits, it seems like we will lose the thing that we have been carrying from ages.
The point of time will come and erase everything that we feel is ours.
If you don’t believe me just see the cycle of evolution. Do you remember anything that happened during evolution? The thing is that you remember things that have been told to you have been written on scriptures or books.
One day you will be gone and the culture that you follow too. The new generation will come and develop the cycle the way they want.
Sometimes I feel like that is the astounding thing that we love about this life or I would say Yuga because we will never get to see the first one where these all were created and preserved to reach this point.
I would say enjoy the time and love what you do most. Never overshadow happiness or what you love because of your problems.
Life will always take you wherever you deserve.
All have been determined;
Cheers 🙂

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