SEO Optimized Template for Better Blog Performance

SEO optimization is the most important part of any blog and website and SEO optimized template is the main component of each and every blog to give the better blog performance. Without having SEO optimized template it will be the little bit tough to drive more traffic to your blog.

Heard about different marketing strategies, proving they are worth your money. Out of them, many are nothing but scams trying to swindle your money. Driving leads and traffic should always be authentic. In the long run, such organic traffic does, ups your business or brand.

Most of the time, people spend too much time on SEO and neglect some basic ground facts. Say you currently built a website, purchased a domain and have a good web-hosting server. But, every time a visitor comes to your blog, your blog takes too much time to load.

Many individuals go for eye-catching templates, be it on word press or blogger. They fall into a mindset of having many custom features. Whilst achieving cool features, they load up their website. By doing so, they end uploading their web with unnecessary content.

No one born as a professional from the start. You have to master yourself in this field of blogging to make it more effective through content as well as design. After a content design is the most required thing is blogging. So It took me a whole year before I stumbled upon the idea of having the custom template. Whether you’re on WordPress or Blogger, you can customize your template. After all, it’s necessary to choose the responsive template for the blog and few month back  I switched to the responsive theme which was developed by and that is performing quite amazing with its responsive feature along with loading speed.

The best part about these custom templates are; you don’t need to be an expert. There are 100s of customized and SEO optimized template available for free. All you have to do is implement it to your web. Moreover to our advantage, these SEO-ready templates have great useful features. They are light in size, amazing in looks and have necessary features of interest.

Even this site has been running on a custom template. But you may ask, how will this help to drive traffic?

It’s pretty simple. Visitors are more likely to return back to your blog- based on two things;


There can be much to talk about on the entire scope of CONTENT, but for now on this article, I’ll explain-USER-FEEL. By this I mean, their overall experience on your blog or website.

Did they find a simple contact forum? Was the email signing up the box, attractive and appealing? Did they have any trouble finding a certain post? Was the overall social bookmarking simple and smooth? Did the pages load fast and easily?

Positive answers to all the raised questions will definitely help you understand. The more responsive the template is, the better user feel they have on your website. Having such impression on your visitors guarantees you a subscription. With time, and you posting great content will definitely drive your more traffic.

Remember, right content is the king of your website when it comes to driving traffic. But if you’re shared information takes up too much time to load, has a complex outlook and is difficult for the viewers, then it’s sure to fail.

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