What to Do If You are Newbie and Want to Have your own Blog


In this article, I will guide you what to do if you are a newbie and want to have your own blog.

Blogging is so simple and there are many platforms that they have made it easy. It’s not necessary to have all information or knowledge of different things like Web Designing, Coding or etc…

Step Wise Guide to Create a Free Blog for Newbie.

This will be a free guide to create a blog, With this guide, you won’t have to pay a single penny.

#1 Choose your blog domain

Most important thing is to choose your blog domain first. This will help you create the existence of your blog. i.e,, are the potential example for having a domain.

You can name them anything.

#2 Select your blogging niche

It means you have to decide in which niche or category you are going to blog i.e Poem writing, Gadgets review publishing, movie reviews etc…

It depends on your knowledge and your interest.

#3 Blogging Platform

After selecting your blogging platform it requires to have blogging platform or to choose blogging platform for publishing your thoughts as well as opinions about the particular subject matter.

i.e Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr etc…

These all platforms are free and easy to use. Stay tuned for more comparison regarding blogger platforms will be writing soon.

Note: these all platforms are available on free plan as well as pro premium plan so don’t be confused. A free plan will have limited features and pro plan will have all the potential features. 

#4 Theme and Visible Appearance

Theme or visible appearance is known as a design of the website. This is also a crucial part of the blog. This can help you attract your visitors to your website or a blog. These free platforms will have their own free themes or even you can use some customized themes from different third-party providers.

Few differences are listed below,

There will be many features on pro theme or template.

#5 Lastly Content Creation

All the above mentioned 4 steps are required to create a professional blog on free platforms without implementing those it’s impossible to create a professional blog.

Now the last thing is to create a sufficient content for your blog. Without having content on your website or blog it’s impossible to get visitors and readers. So, create a niche focused content on your website.

Note: After a certain time, you might want to have your professional blog with your custom domain and design then it’s possible to migrate from free plan to premium plan for that you just have to follow following steps. 

For custom domain use, the cost will as per platform,

Step Wise Guide Host a Professional Blog on Different Platforms

In this guide, you will get to know about professional blogging platforms and premium strategies to apply for creating a blog.

#1 Before choosing domain to decide your content strategy

Content strategy is a must for blogging and placing domain for your blog. It’s necessary because the content factor is one of the main things that can decide your success in blogging.

#2 Choose your blog domain & hosting

Domain: It’s like a free plan step #1, here you have to choose your domain and register it from domain registration company like Hostgator or Interserver or any hosting and registration platform.

i.e you can have, or

Hosting: website hosting plays a crucial role in the management of the website content as well as information that you would like to place on your website. Because on a premium plan you will have to buy a room for your website. They won’t provide it freely like a Blogger or Tumblr or Because they are providing it for free with limited features.

Under that premium service, you will get CPANEL or a system to manage your website. So that you can have your own dedicated space as well as well managed CMS (Content Manage System) to publish your content and manage your data in your own way.

So which is better in CMS or hosting service.

As I’ve already mention Hostgator, Siteground, Bluehost, Interserve is one of the best for the domain and hosting at cheap rates.

Regarding CMS services you can have WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc…

#3 Theme and designing customization

If you don’t know customization then you don’t have to worry about site customization because you can buy premium themes as well as the free theme from your premium website.

Premium service will provide you free themes under their dashboard systems. You don’t have to search anywhere and no need to worry about theme customization.

#4 Now create a content

Now the last thing remaining is the content creation and updating of your website/blog. This is a crucial thing for blog success. Create niche based content and promote your content wherever you want.

That’s it for newbies to create a new blog and setup everything.

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