P. Trump Gave Tremendous Speech in India Today

Trump came to India and that is really amazing news.

Delt with so many things and there will be more discussion on military upgrades, business upgrades, Indo-pacific strategy and so many things.

Also, P. Trump mentioned a few names of ISIS that’s a really proud moment for both the countries and people those who love peace. Mentioning those names clearly shows that Trump or the United States never feared anyone before nor will fear in future.

That’s really good news but I feel like this will boost up those kinds of organizations to plan something unexpected. Because they don’t care about anything they just want to hurt and destroy peace.

Along with that Trump said he is working closely with Pakistan to eliminate that kind of threats or criminals.

Well, I should be positive here…

Hope for the best,

I hope these three giant countries doesn’t lead any situation into War.

Cheers 🙂 

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