What are the Pre-requisites for Blogging?

I have been blogging since 2010 but started it professionally from 2012, I’ve noticed there are few things that are required for blogging. I would say these few things are the pre-requisites for blogging.

But still, to measure success in blogging there are few terms that you would like to know before pre-requisites.

  1. Monetary Terms,
  2. Traffic
  3. And Continuous Growth

These three things are the key terms for success measurement of the blog.

Pre-requisites for Blogging

Let’s deep dive into blogging pre-requisites.

Do you know? Blogging can be tougher and harder if you don’t follow certain rules like consistency, update & content.

These three things are important for blogging to talk about pre-requisites.

#1  Topic or a Niche is Required

To start a blog you really need to know about the topic that you are going to write about. A topic may be niche focused. Niche-focused means either you have an only one topic to write about “Blogging” itself a topic and if you choose the topic “blogging” as a niche it will be a single niche. Here you will be focusing and writing only about blogging.

There is multi-niche blogging as well, which means you are choosing multiple topics to write on your blog.

#2 Show Passion about the Subject Matter

Passion for blogging is necessary, If you don’t have the passion for writing then it’s waste of your time and money if you are investing in blogging.

So you must find the passion for contributing your time to writing and publishing and sharing things that you love.

#3 Reading Skills & Learning Skills

You have passion and commitment to blogging even you have chosen an interesting topic as well but If you are lacking in reading skills and learning skills then that will ruin your blogging career in a certain stage.

It’s because you are not willing to learn new things about the topic blogging or not reading news about blogging updates.

Reading and Learning new things can give you an idea for writing new articles for your readers. So it’s mandatory to have while you start a blog.

#4 Communication & Network Building Power

I would like to add this topic here because a lot of bloggers fail lack their communication skills and networking skills.

First of all, you are not writing for yourself, you are writing and sharing things for your readers and if they like your content then it’s good for you as well as your blog, if not then you have to change the content strategy as well.

But before you do that you really need to know about your audiences. What they really like to read on your blog. And then you can move 1 step further.

#5 Time & Creativity

I would like to add time & creativity to the same page these two are the key things that need to be maintained on blogging.

“Yes”, time is one of the important things in blogging, you have to be consistent but the main thing is that you have to be consistently creative on the basis of time.

Readers don’t like to read the same thing over and over again in the same pattern. I’ve seen that readers love to read the same thing If you have presented that in an interesting way like we can take an example of “infographics” or a “video” etc…

But these kinds of things need to be consistent.

Wrapping it up

I think these 5 things are required as a “Pre-requisites for Blogging”. I would like to say the only thing that does things in own your way but make sure you maintain the consistency in blogging.

My meaning of consistency is that you maintain all of the above things that I’ve mentioned here.

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J. Satya

Started blogging in 2010 but working professionally from 2012. Apart from that working as a Digital Marketer, SEO & Conversion Specialist. Helping individuals as well as business to grow.

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