Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed

“Facebook News Feed”: News Feed is the continually refreshing rundown of stories amidst your landing page. News Feed incorporates announcements, photographs, recordings, joins, application movement and preferences from individuals, Pages and gatherings that you take after on Facebook.

Posts that you find in your News Feed are intended to keep you associated with the general population, spots and things that you think about, beginning with your loved ones.

Posts that you see initially are affected by your associations and action on Facebook. The quantity of remarks, preferences and responses a post gets and what sort of story it is (illustration: photograph, video, notice) can likewise make it more inclined to seem higher up in your News Feed.

Prioritize Your Facebook News Feed

In this article we are going to talk about prioritizing your Facebook news feed with relevant updates that you wanna see from; You can change it to from friends, or pages or people you see first;

It’s very simple and easy to do; You can just set the preference from your Facebook home page; Let’s get started with the steps to prioritize your facebook news feed.

Step 1: Login your Facebook account.

Step 2: Now click on toggle button of News Feed at the left side of your Facebook dashboard; As you can see on the below image;

Step 3: If you want it more specific then you have to go for edit preferences; Choose the preference and set the priority from where you want to get the updates;

Step 4: From there you can check the options but still to prioritize click on who to see first; There you will get different options like Friends, Pages Only etc…

Choose the option and click on Done; That’s it to prioritize the Facebook news feed; Now after setting this up, you will get updates on your News Feed from specific pages if you have set that or other options that you have set as a priority.

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