Questions and answers of data structure and algorithm


What is ADT? 

ADT is used to specify the logical properties of the data type. It is a set of operations which is called with the component of the element of the abstract data type. 

What is tree traversal?

The tree traversal is also known as tree search is a form of graph traversal and refers to the process of visiting updating each node in a tree data structure, exactly once, such traversals are classified by the order in which the nodes are visited. 

Why stack is called LIFO list?

Stack is called LIFO list. As we know it is the ordered collection of data, where data may be pushed or popped. It means insertion and deletion, it is done on the basis of LIFO method. Which means Last element In is the First Element out. 

What do you mean by complete binary tree? 

A complete binary tree of depth d is called strictly binary tree if all of whose leaves are at level d. A complete binary tree with depth d has 2d leaves and 2d-1 non-leaf nodes.

What is the hash collision? 

A hash collision or clash is a situation that occurs when two pieces of data have the same hash value, checksum. 

The difference between internal and external sorting.

  • In internal sorting, all the data to sort is stored in memory at all times while sorting is in progress. 
  • In external sorting data is stored outside memory like on disk and only loaded into memory in small chunks. External sorting is usually applied in cases when data can’t fit into memory entirely. 

What is linear probing? 

Linear probing is a form of open addressing, in which each cell of a hash table stores a single key–value pair.


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