Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal

Despite the bumpy roads of Hills, hot climates of the Terai and harsh environment of the Himalayas; Nepal is one of the desired destination among the Asian countries. Located in the southern Asia, the country, due to its geographical differences, there’s a variation of five different climate zone in Nepal.

Rich biodiversity and geographically stunning landmarks make Nepal, more appealing and tempting. Moreover, below are the five reasons, which will make you pick Nepal, as your number one place to visit on your bucket list.

#1 Affordable yet Uncompromising Standards

Sure, high and expensive tags, most of the time, defines the quality of things. Such is the primary notion of anyone, including me. Be it buying clothes, cars, cell phones or in this case, traveling. But, here in Nepal, that mindset will be changed forever.

Despite the low economy and struggling development of the country, Nepalese people never fail to satisfy any foreign individuals or families. In comparison to the locals, travelers from abroad can expect few bucks of extra charge, which I thing is kind of a norm of any country’s tourism.

But despite that, let me tell you, first hand that, the level of intrigued faces to be at your service, the welcoming you get; the overall standard is unadulterated amazing and beyond your expectation.

#2 Hospitality

Nepal experienced a great earthquake last year. The damage done takes us back much further behind in terms of building the stable economy. But reality showcased by an old woman, who lost everything, speaks so much about our hospitality.

She was in pain, she had lost everything, yet she offered a news reporter for a cup of tea. Not only him but many who read the article, who saw the news, were moved by such attitude. Now, it would be stupid to say, only my nation has such degree of welcoming, but I’ll proudly scream out loud, that in Nepal, we know how well to treat our guests.

#3 Diversity

Are you fond of variations in different aspects of life? Maybe a cup of the bowl with differently flavored treats excites you? Well, Nepal is exactly that kind of place. You talk about wildlife, different places, cultures, religions and the lists goes on.

On your time here in Nepal, you’ll not only be seeing and visiting many beautiful landmarks but the people around those places will reflect the rich diversity that we have in cultures.

The values of religions, different ceremonies and the ways to execute different rituals, will not only excite you beyond your expectation but will give you in depth knowledge of such diversities.

#4 Lifestyle

You’ll be amazed by the simplicity of Nepalese. The busy streets of the capital, Kathmandu, strongly reflects the everyday life of Nepalese men and women. Out of the central valley, the life gets even much simpler.

With little needs to the advancement of technologies and brandy clothing’s; people at villages dress up in casual yet national dresses, still preserving our nation’s pride. Most of them are farmers, working hard to harvest the crops and raising animals, to meet their basic needs.

Even further up in the higher geographical altitudes, the lifestyle gets even much more struggling. The simplicity is much more visible there. Ever watched a documentary focused on Yarsagumba(cordyceps Sinensis)? No? Well better take your time and watch it.

It shows, the harsh lifestyle of people living in the upper altitudes, but more fascinating matter is not how harsh environment that they have to face, rather, it reflects the courage and will they possess to fend off against such terrains.

#5 Entertainment

Lastly, we all do want to spend our time having some fun. Maybe with the locals or even with our own friends. Day after day, years after years, many foreigners have been known to be amazed and intrigued by many rituals, colorful ceremonies, that not only provides a platform for cultural exchange, but also an exposure to a full on entertainment.

Much adventurous hiking, trekking, river rafting, the adrenaline pumping bungee jumping, you name it, the thrills and fun is something we offer a lot often to our visitors. And not to mention, the wild safari of some of the most elegant and naturally gifted wildlife conservation areas.

So there you have it, my top 5 reasons for you to visit my country Nepal. So next time, be sure to pack your bags and take a flight straight to Nepal, to experience one of the world’s most amazing places to visit.

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