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Your audience can become numb to standard marketing strategies. In the digital marketing world, we are overwhelmed with advertisements every day, especially on social media. So, how can you make sure your business stands out above the others?

For you to capture the attention of your target audience, you’ll need some cutting-edge social media marketing strategies that they haven’t seen before. Whether B2B or B2C, it can be costly to waste money on strategies that will miss the mark, so it’s important to know which marketing strategies will be a hit.

Read below for some social media marketing tips and strategies that are sure to intrigue your current audience while attracting new customers.

Video Marketing Content

video marketing

If you took anything from social media marketing in 2017, it should be the fact that video content is preferred over text on most social media platforms. Video content offers an intimate and personalized look at your brand for your audience. This personal communication with your audience is highly effective, building relationships as well as customer loyalty.

Live streaming, ephemeral content, and other forms of video marketing content are so successful because they are attention-grabbing and easily digestible. For you and your marketing efforts, video is valuable because of its versatility. You can host a webinar, live stream an endorsement of a product or a product release, or highlight an employee and company culture through videos.

About 54 percent of customers would rather see video from brands they like over multiple other content marketing methods. Post some Instagram Stories (ephemeral content) of a company event, or a video explaining your product or services. Some of these don’t sound like marketing strategies, but it will engage your audience; keeping your brand in front of their eyes while giving your company a personality.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is pivotal to any digital marketing campaign, including social media. If your website isn’t optimized to display on any mobile device it is visited by, potential customers could become frustrated and look for another site to make their purchase. In our digital age, you’ll want to make things as seamless as possible across all devices to assist a customer in purchasing your product without a hitch.

A responsive web design is recommended to ensure that no matter what screen your website is visited from, your images, text, videos, and other elements of your site displays correctly and according to the size of the screen. Nearly everyone has experienced the irritation of clicking on a website hoping to make a purchase or learn more about a company, only to experience text that takes up the whole screen, extremely large images, and other factors that make it difficult to navigate. In most of these instances, people will close out your website and start looking for the next one that they can buy from.

Another reason to optimize your website for mobile devices is for SEO purposes. Google understands that a site with a good user experience (unlike the examples of a non-responsive website) is preferred and should be presented before those without in the search engine results page. Ranking higher in search engine results means that you’ll come up earlier when someone searches for products or services in your industry.

Rutgers University warns of the dangers of not optimizing your information for mobile devices, “marketers should make sure that all of their ads, websites, and landing pages are set up for mobile optimization. Nothing will scare away potential customers more than a clunky, aesthetically displeasing site.” It is critical you optimize your website, so when someone clicks on your site from a social media post or searches for you, they can find you and you’ll be able to give them a headache free process to make a transaction.

Augmented Reality

Advancements in this technology are catching the eye of digital marketers. We have already seen success in this department with the popularity of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook filters. However, augmented reality is being used to immerse customers into a new realm and engage them in ways like never before.

Augmented reality is beneficial for brand awareness. Companies are now using AR in geofilters — essentially enhancing people’s pictures with their brand logo and other augmentation such as brand colors. Sharing these photos and videos on social media is excellent for brand recognition, as businesses don’t have to do it themselves and can reach audiences they usually wouldn’t have contacted.

Augmented reality is also being implemented as a way for customers to try out merchandise before they buy it. For example, a potential buyer can see how different colored shirts can look on them, shades of lipstick, and even how furniture can look in their room through AR — before even physically touching the products.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing proved to be too effective of a marketing strategy in 2017 to ignore in 2018. By enlisting the help and forming relationships with blogging and social media personalities, your company can widely increase your brand awareness, reaching new and current target audiences.

Forming a partnership with a well-respected blogging or social media personality offers you the chance to get your products or services to their massive fan base. Some of these fans may know your brand already but will be more likely to make purchases from your business with a vote of confidence from a person they trust and look to for news, advice, and suggestions. Additionally, an influencer’s audience is vast, so your brand will benefit by having the chance to reach new audience members.

Imagine if you enlist an influencer who has 20,000 followers. This following is a chance for you to reach an enormous amount of potential customers. A simple video marketing campaign in which they are endorsing your product via Facebook or Instagram Stories will see a spike in traffic to your website, followers on your social media accounts, and overall sales. Influencer marketing should become a part of your digital marketing campaign.


Automation, specifically chatbots, is a way for your business to provide excellent customer service by answering customer inquiries instantly. Companies are using Facebook Messenger chatbots for their ability to solve simple customer problems and informing customers in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Companies are saving time and money relying on chatbots to handle customers as the first point of contact. Many customer inquiries and problems are similar and can be resolved relatively easily. Chatbots can repeat these, and other repetitive duties, when a business may be closed or employees may be too busy to provide customer service. Your customers will have questions about your business operations and your products or services, and providing them with instant information will be much appreciated.

In Summary

Digital marketing can be hard to keep up with, as it is ever-evolving. With the tips above, you and your business can maintain visibility on social media with innovative digital marketing tactics. It is easy for your target audience to get bored of conventional marketing strategies. Try some of these tips to engage your target audience in ways that will get them to stop scrolling and looking at your brand.

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