The gains are many when using promotional products for business promotion

Using promotional products for business is an age-old tactic for all sizes from startups to big corporations. Not only is it a very cost-effective method of business promotion but also gives the opportunity to interact with consumers on a one-to-one basis which creates emotional bonding with the brand and business that lasts very long. Also, consumers are delighted with the giveaway that reminds them of the company and brand continuously and encourages them to interact more closely with it. The chances of people who receive promotional products doing business with the brand are very high, almost 85%, as revealed in a survey and it thus becomes very obvious why this tactic of business promotion has retained its importance year after year even in the digital age. However, the digital impact is evident in promotional product printing in NYC that embraces digital printing technology.

Brand recall value is very high

Besides ensuring brand visibility by using promotional products, the biggest challenge for marketers is to ensure brand recall which is critical for business growth. More than half of the consumers who receive promotional products keep it with them for 1 to 4 years and even after discarding italmost 89% of consumers remember the brand for at least another 2 years. The long association that consumers maintain with the brand augurs very well for business because whenever there is an opportunity,they would be glad to choose the brand over others. Whenever consumers view any product category related to the brand, they do not hesitate to pick the brand they are familiar with which in turn enhances sales. Remembering the brand and interacting with it meaningfully to make business happen underlines the value of brand recall.   learn about realistic goals

Earn referrals

Having received the promotional product does not only connect consumers with the brand, and it even turns them faithful to the brandso much that satisfied consumers come forward to refer the brand to others.  Studies show that by using promotional products, businesses can earn 500% more referrals than by any other means. Referrals are critical for business because almost every new consumer gained through this process becomes a customer and starts spreading the brand message far and wide.

Types of items for product promotion

The choice of product for brand promotion is very important because it must have a close connection with consumers daily and should not be only something to decorate the shelves. Typically, backpacks and tote bags, pens, mouse pads, water bottles, and coffee mugs, umbrellas and beach towels, flash drives, chargers, and other mobile products, as well as T-shirts and hats, are all ideally suited for product promotion.

The benefits of using a promotional product for marketing are much more than what catches the eye.

Brand and business introduction

The promotional products behave in the same way as your business card, but its impact is much more than just introducing the brand to consumers. Once consumers get familiar with the brand that becomes their companion through the constant display, they also become acquainted with your business only to turn into customers. They start exploring the brand and starts looking through it to get a view of the business behind the brand.

Instant brand recognition

When your company logo flashes on the promotional product that consumers stay closely attached to, automatically it creates an attachment with the brand too. As soon as they spot the logo, they immediately connect it with the products or services covered by it. They become so much familiar with the logo design and colors that even the slightest hint about it brings to their minds the products and services covered by it.  This brand recognition and remembrance goes a long way for business development and is the prime reason for distributing promotional products in marketing. 

More business exposure

The relationship between brands and consumers is always on display whenever consumers use a promotional product. For example, when someone is wearing a T-shirt with your company logo, it is a sign of that consumer endorsing the brand and willing to display it proudly. As long as consumers are using the product, there is a continuous and living relationship with the brand, and it generates greater exposure for the brand that goes everywhere with the consumer daily.

Generate loyal customers

Branding of promotional products creates long term relationships with customers who just cannot think of any other brand in its place. Loyal customers are real assets for businesses because they play a wider role in business promotion going beyond the identity of buyers. They turn into brand ambassadors on their own and keep spreading the good word about the brand that aids business development and growth.

Using promotional products for business is like live advertising that is not only affordable for all, but the returns are also quite high.

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