The Points to Consider by Webmaster for Better Performance

A webmaster is a person being responsible for managing the evolution and well-being of the web work, policies, as well as the more rationale HTML and other technical resources.
It’s ok for a static webpage, but if we think about dynamic webpage it should be implementation-programming languages like PHP, ASP, CGI, and JS for developing the webpage.

Supervise the design of the organization’s Web and editing as well as designing the E- Bulletin. In addition, there is likely to be an interrelated effort to create a Web design, organization, and content for the corporation’s intranet.
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The most challenging responsibility is that develop the international relation using the website. Web Master manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of a Web site as well as idea generation to develop Information & Communication Technology (ICTs) to develop the project as per as organization’s needs.
Who is your customer?
Your school, office, or class. They are relying on you to understand their audience, the message they want to convey, their content, and how to use the web effectively.
Who is the MOST IMPORTANT customer?
The site visitor, end user, web surfer, whatever term you like. He or she is the MOST IMPORTANT person to you, the webmaster. His or her needs should drive all decisions you make about your site’s content, structure, navigation, design.
What do you do for your customers? Make the site visitor’s quest for information as efficient, useful and enjoyable as possible.
Ensure that you’ve presented the message that your school, office or class wants to convey as accurately, clearly and effectively as possible.
What kind of web site do your customers want?
Simple: Resist the urge to experiment with large graphics, FLASH introductions, hidden navigation, frames, too much animation. Such technology can confuse users.
Direct: Supply enough information on the home page so they know who is speaking to them and why.
Easy to read: Use black text on white background as much as possible.
Quick to download: Make sure graphics are small or optimized so pages load quickly.
Up to date: Check content frequently. Delete anything no longer useful or that you can’t maintain. Update other pages with accurate information
Functional: Be sure that links work

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