Professional resume writing is a serious concern. You should append the necessary items and information on your resume when you are applying for a job by sending your resume to the organization. In your resume, you must include the relevant information and should not contain the following things:

Things You Should Not Put on Your Professional Resume

Personal Information

You must keep your very personal information to yourself. In you resume, you should provide with the information such as your name, address, contact no. and email address. Adding up more information than that is supposed not to be a better idea. If you are stating the email address of yours, you should provide with the email id that makes sense. It means that you should write the email address that contains your first name, last name and rest of the main mail part. You should not write the unprofessional or inappropriate mail address like [email protected], [email protected], etc. Be professional.

“References available upon request.”

Including the statements like “References available upon request.” is not appropriate for your resume. You should include atleast 2-3 references on your resume.  If not mentioned the appropriate references, it might bring you some sort of difficulties if your interviewer needs your references for any reason.

Short term jobs

Avoid mentioning the jobs that you worked for short period or have lesser experience. Do not add up all the jobs you had. For example, you mentioning about your 2 months internship. The employer of the company that you are appplying for always search for the capable candidate who lasted for longer period of jobs and have enough experience to work with particular organisation. For this reason, stay away mentioning the shorter jobs and experience.

Negative Explaination

Resume is your personal document that builds up your career in future. It helps to promote in the market. Add up only the information that represents you in a useful way. Negative explaination about yourself or any dark past is not fitting. Therefore it develops the bad impression.

Irrelavant Information

Donot mention any sort of information that is not relevant with the job you have applied. For example,  you mentioning about your college trips in your resume. Be specific with your job.


To summarize, make a worthy professional resume if you are looking for a professional job. Make it professional. Mention your job suited skills. Provide specific details. In fact, be a good one.


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