Things that you need to do after creating a blog?: Blogging Tips A. 02

do after creating a blog

So in our previous article we’ve learned, how to make a blog step by step; Now in this article, you are going to learn things that you need to do after creating a blog;

I think we forgot a really important topic that is ‘things that you need to do before starting a blog’; But for now I will discuss here on the above topic only, we will continue that on the next article; So that we can make things clearer.

Now let’s map what you have already done;

  • Selected a blogging platform;
  • Created your own blog.
  • On that blog, you have set a unique URL right?
  • A title is Also Set as per Your URL
  • Default Theme of Your Blog is also There
  • Based on the Platform You Will Get Default Widgets (Required and Not Required)

Those are the six things you already have on your blog; Now it’s time to optimize your recently created blog; In terms for design, loading speed and unique URL if it’s required to set and title etc…

#1 Rushed on URL, Change Right Now!

Blog title and URL is one of the key factors for every blog; It’s like a name of the Person, if it’s easy to speel and easy to write then it will be easy to remember as well; So you need to keep that basic concept of naming your blog; Just focus Unique URL but in the meantime you have to choose an easy URL;

Let’s take an example: previous URL you have set, that must be the unique name and none has ever claimed that name but still, it will be harder to remember if you wanna keep name hunter then it’s okay you can keep it but make it little shorter and unique like this way or any other easy words;
Rules for naming URL;

  • Put words on URL not numbers;
  • If numbers are required then you can put dates don’t put random numbers especially long numbers;
  • Don’t ever put hyphen on blog or website URL;

If you find any mistakes on naming your blog URL and title then correct it right now; It’s because you are going to make that blog a brand in future so; It’s better to have a brand name, not a random not worthy name;

#2 Web Design and Logo Designing

Now web design and logo I’ve put on the second point it’s because user experience must be the highest priority for every blog and every blogger should focus on User Experience before they start writing content;

There is a proverb that “First Impression is the Last Impression”; So why to miss an opportunity to attract your visitors;

There are many themes and template providing companies you can buy a unique design from them or you can download free basis as well; It’s not mandatory to buy a theme for a blog in the beginning; And at the same time there are many online sites where you can create your blog logo; You can directly search on Google regarding Themes and Logo Designing;

#3 Change Your Website Theme

On second part we’ve discussed Website Designing and Logo, why again then it’s time to get those themes on the action; If you are a developer then you can create a theme for your website and update it as per your requirements;

Now to change your website theme blogging platform gives you an option to change a theme; Like blogger has the following system;

change blog theme

For other platforms, you can check the templates section or appearance section for changing your website design;

#4 Remove Unnecessary Widgets

If you are using platforms like then they give you many widgets which are not required, So you need to remove those which are not required on your blog;

blogger layout

Either you have to delete those from layout or If you understand codes then you can delete those from the backend as well;

#5 Set Blog Title & Description Along with Focused Keywords

I’m not going to explain all things as per SEO perspective but this is one of the most important things that you have to do after creating a blog; Sooner or later you will have to submit your blog to Google so for that you have to define your blog in a defined manner;

For that, you have to check blogging platforms setting all give the same things on the different pattern in different settings;

title metas and description

So TITLE, META DESCRIPTION, META KEYWORDS are one of the required things that you have to set on your blog;

#6 Create Blog Pages

What I mean here is you have to give your audience full detail about your blog; What you are going to do with this blog, things you are going to publish and etc… How can they contact you and what are the privacies and policies;

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • Privacy and Terms
  • Disclaimer

These four pages are required pages that you have to create those after creating your blog; Those pages will give your audience a brief idea about your blog;

Final Words

I think for a starter those 6 things are most important things to take care of, when I first started I didn’t know things that I have to do after creating a blog and I messed up with my blog completely; It didn’t look that better and attractive as well;

But now after several years of experience, I can say that these things are highly required for both starter as well as for the professionals;


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