Top 10 Global Sports : By Popularity

global sports

As a person, everyone has their choices and desires about anything.It comes in any field too, so today we will be talking about something which is in everyone’s heart that is sports.As I am a sports enthusiast I prefer football and many love other sports too. So to define the top 10 global sports we will be referring to the popularity, the number of spectators, the number of viewers, the followers of the game and the most important thing about the passion for it.


The most globally played. the most number of viewers and fan following is football ( soccer).More than 250 million players are currently playing it worldwide in over 200 countries which makes it the most global sport in this world. The grand stage of football is FIFA World Cup. The tournament starts at every 4 years of interval. The current World Champions are Germany they won the tournament in 2014 in Brazil.This year in 2018 FIFA World will be held in Russia with 32 nations competing for the grand prize.The estimated fans are more than 3.5 billion.



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