Top 10 Important Apps for Android Mobile

Here in this list, we present top 10 important apps for android mobile; Yes, we would like to add those in an important apps list, it’s because they are really amazing, some of them will be very productive in your life as well;

So make sure you try them once in your life before they fade away;

Top 10 Important Apps for Android Mobile

Genius – [Important Apps]

If you are not good at remembering the lyrics of any kind of English songs or you have just forgotten the lyrics then why fear when Genius app is here. Initially developed and released for iOS, a Genius app is one of the best apps you will find in Google Play. You can search the lyrics and can get the line-by-line annotations. However, it has still not provided the facility to edit annotations. The Genius app is really genius. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (GENIUS)


Podcast & Radio Addict – [Important Apps]

Podcast Addict is the best android podcast app you will ever find anywhere. This beautiful app is free as well as pro version (Podcast Addict – Donate ($2.68)). This lets you search, download and listen to your favorite podcasts with its own audio player. You can even create your playlist for the upcoming shows. It shows the trending podcast and lives shows. It is one of the best-rated apps on Google Play. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (PODCAST ADDICT)

Podcast & Radio Addict

Drupe – [Important Apps]

A drupe is a kind of android app that we always wanted in our android device. Drupe manages all your contacts and messaging apps at one place. You will find your contacts on the left screen and the communication apps to your right. All you have to do is to drag the particular contact to the right the way you want to contact them. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (DRUPE)


TubeMate – [Important Apps]

TubeMate is the android app that is not available to download from the Play Store. This extraordinary app lets you download the YouTube videos in no time. You can download the videos of various formats and resolutions. The download speed is very high. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (TUBEMATE)


Pocket – [Important Apps]

Pocket is one of the best offline app that you will find in the Play Store. Wi-Fi is not required for this. You can save the necessary web pages and articles for offline reading. No need to bookmark the important pages. It saves the text and images for later readings. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (POCKET)


Camera 360 – [Important Apps]

You can use Camera 360 to make your photos more enthusiastic and better. You will find the cool and outstanding features in this ultimate version with more than 200 filters and variety fixing tools. This app is a great choice for photographers. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (CAMERA 360 ULTIMATE)

Camera 360 Ultimate

Khan Academy – [Important Apps]

Khan Academy provides you the best and efficient way of learning the maths, economics, history, physics and other science related topics. This app might be new to us but it is providing its service for more than over a decade. Its video tutorials are available in YouTube. This app comprises over 10000 video tutorials. This app is the best way of learning in this modernistic time. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (KHAN ACADEMY)

Khan Academy

Audible – [Important Apps]

If you do not have any book/novel or don’t have time to go through , the best way you can read it is Audiobooks from Audible. The titles you can choose is over 18000+ from the app. This app includes the bookmarking and multitasking features. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (AUDIOBOOKS from AUDIBLE)

Audiobooks from Audible

ShareIt – [Important Apps]

ShareIt is one of the popular and supreme android app where you can share the files among any two android devices. You won’t believe but the speed of ShareIt app is over 200 times that of the Bluetooth. You can replicate contacts, messages and multimedia. This app is the top downloaded app in 15 countries. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (SHAREIt)


MX Player – [Important Apps]

MX Player is the best way to enjoy your movies. MX Player is the first android developed android video player that supports multi-core. You can even add subtitles to your videos or even search it online as required. You can download the app here: GOOGLE PLAY (MX PLAYER)

MX Player

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