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There are many bloggers, good genuine writers in Nepal and we respect them all. In this list, we are covering 10 most popular Nepali blogs in Nepal. I’ve not chosen these all according to their traffic stats, I’ve listed these because of their writing style as well as content. They do really great make a great impact in Nepali blogging community.

If you don’t know what is blogging means then the simple definition[clickToTweet tweet=”Blogging is a way to share your thoughts, your opinions and personal values about any topic that you would like to share with your readers or audiences.” quote=”Blogging is a way to share your thoughts, your opinions and personal values about any topic that you would like to share with your readers or audiences.” theme=”style2″] is here;

It’s obviously a topic 10 most popular Nepali blogs but let me add something more about blogging. There are companies as well as individuals they use blogging most widely as an online marketing media; Blogging platform gives them a platform to share about the topics they like. Companies are using a blog for promoting their products and services.

That’s all you need to know about blogging for now; We’ve already discussed how you can create a blog and how can you make an impact in blogging in our previous articles; So it will help you if you check our previous articles.

Now let’s talk about Most Popular Nepali Blogs those who are desperately sharing genuine news as well as their thoughts.

10 Most Popular Nepali Blogs: Blog in Nepal

#1 Gadgetbyte Nepal

GadgetByte is the Leading Tech Review News Portal of Nepal that gives the users information, tools, and advice that will help them decide (with Buy Guides and Tech Guides) get the most out of the Tech.


Mukesh Chapagain is a graduate of Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel, Nepal) from where he holds a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. Mukesh is a passionate web developer who has a keen interest in open source technologies, programming, blogging & spirituality.

#3 Ashesh’s Blog

Run by Web developer Ashesh Shrestha, the blog is very popular Nepalese for its utilities like Nepali Calendar, Nepali Unicode, and date converter. Blogposts are mainly related to information technology and social media.

#4 Mysansar

Started by Salokya in April 2005, it is one of the first blogs in Nepali Unicode and currently the most popular Nepali blog. Mainly focused on current issues, it covers the major political, economic and social happenings of Nepal. I most widely visit Mysansar for genuine news or topic discussion; You will get a perfect explanation of everything whatever topic Mr. Salokya chooses.

#5 Lexlimu

The blog focuses on Nepali happenings from Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. From WAVE, Navyaata, The Kathmandu Post, BOSS Magazine to Republica – has been featured on them all. This is your Number 1 Source.

#6 Neostuff

NEOStuff is also one of the most widely visited blogs in Nepal. Neeraj Pun who started writing on handpicked stories to differentiate things and share his opinions.

#7 GadgetsinNepal

GadgetsinNepal is also a tech blog from Nepal. They have been providing tech news, reviews from Nepal. They started their blogging career back in 2010 with Blogspot and now they are growing massively.

Back in 2010, there were no websites or blogs that used to give information about gadgets available in Nepal. And this is how I got an idea to start blogging about gadgets available in Nepal.


GundrukPost is another Nepali Blog which has a focus on tech, business, social media impact and entertainment and many more varieties of categories. They say it they named it after ‘Gundruk’ which actually means original and 100% pure Nepali.


TechLekh is Nepal’s leading technological media that focuses on startups.

We are proud to be a group that aims at representing the ideas and innovation that come into the Nepali market. We provide a one-stop-shop in-depth information about the activities that happen throughout Nepal.

TechLekh features innovating Nepali Startups, products, events along with interviews, which are changing the landscape of Nepalese Technology. We review various Nepali applications, products, software and services that are creating an impact on Nepalese society.


The Glocal Khabar, Localizing Global News, has been initiated with its aim to outreach as much population as possible into knowledge expansion, by focusing on the activities of youths all around the nation and share their stories, so as to inspire lot more. We also believe in a healthy argument on the modern issues of the business world to make the citizens of this developing nation, more aware and updated.

Glocal Khabar has been initiated by the youths of Nepal but in days to come it has an aim to encircle and expand the teams up to SAARC level and later to Global level, to share ideas and have a global perspective, views and to celebrate unity amongst youth.

That is a complete list of Most Popular Nepali Blogs. We would like you to understand this fact we have not chosen these blogs according to their statistical data. I’ve been following these blogs for past couple of years. So I’ve listed these all as a Most Popular Nepali Blogs.

If you think your blog is worthy and should be listed in next list of Most Popular Nepali Blogs then please contact us via the contact form or email us at [email protected]

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