10 Computer Programming Languages You Need to Learn in 2018

In today’s worlds, computer programming is must for everyone it’s because we’ve been saying that this is the era of technology and it’s evolved amazingly. One of the key and mandatory for people is to learn computer programming and implement that in a technical field or in creating something new for the people. And to those individuals with excellent programming skills, a higher salary opportunity awaits them.

There are not just a few hundreds of computer programming languages but Thousands of different Programming languages. And to choose from such a huge list of Programming languages is likely to search a needle in grass.

So the question may arise which one is the best programming language to learn and not just best but easy also and must fulfill requirements of future technologies too. Here we have sort listed the top 10 programming languages which will fulfill the foremost programming need of 2018 and these programming languages are best in different ways that a programmer should learn for a brighter future ahead. And here goes the list:

#1 Python

Python, a general-purpose language, is easy to learn and read code as it resembles very much to the English language. It is beginners friendly language and even used in many popular applications like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. It is easier and much profitable language as many companies offer jobs for Python programmers in different titles and even you can be hired by Google too.

#2 PHP

PHP is a one of the most popular server-side and general purpose programming language. This language is used in over 82% websites that are more than two hundred million websites in the world and including world’s popular websites like Facebook, Joomla, Mediawiki, WordPress, etc. So becoming a programmer of PHP will definitely provide job opportunities easily or else you also can work as a freelancer.

#3 SQL

SQL is a special purpose language as it is used for database management. SQL users are called database manager and lots of jobs are for this title as every company, hospitals, school, colleges, etc need a software which can manage data. MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc software are used for database management. SQL also has the most number of job opportunities and even SQL database can be accessed in mobile apps called SQLite and many apps like Google, Dropbox can access it directly, for easier management. So its easier to use and learn.

#4 Java

Java is the language which can be used in any devices so it’s a language which is being used in Mobile, Computers, SmartTV, etc. It is one of the most in-demand language and has been used in more than 15 billion devices worldwide. It is so much popular that 10 million developer use this language as it works on a principle of “WORA”, that is Write Once, Run Anywhere. Learning Java will definitely give you job opportunities coz it’s not going anywhere in near future. It has long-term compatibility and it is also used in many huge companies use it for server-side language for backend development. Java is used in almost about 90% of Fortune 500 companies.

#5 Swift

Apple has developed its own language named swift and just in short period, it has risen to become a popular language. Before Swift, iOS application was being developed using C and C++ but after the development of Swift, new applications for iOS are now being developed using Swift. Swift programmer has better future ahead.

#6 C++

C++ is a general-purpose programming language which is mostly used in game development, graphical user interface development and for animation too. This language is like an upgraded version of C. The popular games like Call of Duty, Fifa, and many other games are developed using this programming language. The huge budget companies and studios like Disney, DreamWorks, Bank of America, Pixar studio, etc offer jobs to the talented C++ programmers and it’s not going to lose its demand in near future yet. So it’s great to get knowledge of C++ to become a better developer in C++.

#7 C#

C#, spelled as C sharp, is another language from C language family. It is an evolution of C and C++. It is simple and easier to use and learn a language. It is a part of Microsoft company’s .NET family and most of the jobs are offered for .NET programmers for C# and it’s good to learn other languages of .NET. It is obvious that Microsoft software uses C# programming is used in BING and MSN.

#8 JavaScript

JavaScript and Java aren’t the same language? No, they’re not. JavaScript is also a most popular programming language. JavaScript is world most popular scripting language and is used in world wide web(www) and all of the most popular browsers like Firefox, internet explorer, etc. It is mostly used for adding effects to web pages, to display pop up messages and games. It is used in almost 90% of total browsers worldwide.

#9 Perl

The general purpose dynamic programming language, Perl has versatile features and performs well with other programming languages too. Perl has been used for GCI scripting language, graphics, network, and finance programming. Perl is not just a single language but two independently developing language Perl 5 and Perl 6. Many high traffic sites like IMDb, duckduckgo, Ticketmaster, LiveJournal, etc. Perl operates on multi devices in cross platforms.

#10 Ruby

Ruby is a cross-platform, general-purpose programming language. It is easy to learn the language and is best known for its framework called Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is also used in Apple’s MacOS X. Popular companies like Hulu, Github, Twitter, Metasploit, etc are also using the framework of Ruby, Ruby on Rails. Ruby is also used as website prototyping language. The best thing it is easier than many object-oriented languages and similar to Python.

Every year in programming sector new languages and new opportunities are developing and this list shows the best languages to learn to be a better programmer. And these languages are not going anywhere and will be useful for many years coming. Learning every language won’t help you to get a job or earn money, but learning a single language perfectly will surely help you to get a reputed job.

So from the above-listed programming languages that you need to learn in 2018. You can learn computer programming on your own using internet by watching tutorials but still, you need to learn them to make your strong base on the programming language.

You can choose any according to your need and your requirements. Definitely, any language mentioned above will help you to get a reputed job in a reputed company or you can work as a freelancer or start your own company, as these language’s programmers will be in demand in 2018 and upcoming years too.

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