Top 10 Unknown Facts About Pakistan

Pakistan, a South Asian Muslim country, has many things popular that you may not have heard of. Pakistan is famous for its International Cricket team, singers, and yeah it’s also on peak because of India-Pakistan Wars. But wait, do you know much about Pakistan, if no then certainly in this post we are going to talk about 10 unknown facts about Pakistan, you may not have heard before.

#1 World Second Highest Mountain Mt.K2 is in Pakistan

You might have heard out of 10, 8 of the World Highest Mountains are in Nepal but yet the second World second Highest Mountain is in Pakistan. Mt. K2. Mt.K2 is second highest after the Mt. Everest of Nepal. It is located in Border of Pakistan-China border in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan and the Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County of Xinjiang, China. Also known as “Savage Mountain”, coz it is extremely difficult to climb this mountain and has second highest fatality rate. If you’re an extreme lover, you can have a try Mountain climbing on world second highest fatality rate Mountain, Mt. K2.

#2 Bangladesh was also Pakistan

India and Pakistan were not just got partitioned during the partition of India. Then, Question may arise “How many more?” India was partitioned into not just Pakistan but East and West Pakistan. The present-day Pakistan is West Pakistan and now the East Pakistan is Bangladesh after independence from Pakistan. After the long run Bangladeshi war of independence, it became a sovereign country, independent from Pakistan.

#3 Cousins can Marry in Pakistan

Cousins marriage may not be legal in most of the countries but we also know that many communities and countries have such marriages legal. Yeah, it’s also legal in Pakistan to marry your cousin “But” not just cousin, even first cousin marriage is legal. You must be wondering yeah it’s also legal in many countries to marry first cross-cousin, but in Pakistan, not just cross-cousin (Maternal), even Paternal cousin (father’s own brother’s daughter) can be married. In Pakistan above 70% marriages are with cousins. It may be sin for most of the population of World and illegal too but as it is legal according to Islam and followed as country’s law.

#4 Hinduism is Second Largest Religion in Pakistan

So is that true? Yes, it is. Pakistan has World fifth largest Hindu Population and it is Second Highest in Pakistan, after Islam. After Partition with India, many Hindu families moved to India but some families are still there and some were forcibly converted to Islam. Hindus are treated are second-class citizens in Pakistan. Pakistan has many ancient Temples and Heritage sites of Hindu Pilgrimage but some are not conserved and some temples are destroyed there.

#5 Conversion in Islam by a Pakistani Hindu will end his or her Marriage

Pakistani Hindus are treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan and till a few years ago there were no laws to legalize the Marriages between Hindu People. But after some reforms now Hindu can register their marriages. But yet if either husband or wife converts to Islam, their marriage automatically ends and they will be no longer considered as husband and wife as interreligious marriages are illegal in Pakistan. So if husband and wife want to be together both of them have to do a conversion.

#6 Kashmir is in Pakistan too

If there is Heaven somewhere on Earth, it is in Kashmir, most of the poets and nature beauty praisers may say this after seeing the natural beauties of Kashmir. You may have heard Pakistan and India have border disputes and claims over Kashmir. But you may not know the Princely state of Kashmir after independence from Britain was Occupied by three countries, India, China, and Pakistan. Pakistan has Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan region which were earlier part of Greater Kashmir during British Rule. So Kashmir is also part of Pakistan.

#7 Pakistan a Single Country Has two Prime Ministers

Yes, Pakistan has two Prime Ministers. You must be wondering how can be there two Prime Ministers to rule a single country. No, both do not rule the whole country. Pakistan has a nominally self-governing state “Azad Jammu and Kashmir”, the meaning of its name is ” Free Jammu and Kashmir “, which has its own PrimeMinister. AJK, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir doesn’t represent in Pakistan Parliament but Pakistan administrates AJK. AJK too has its own supreme court and high court.

#8 World Largest Ambulance Network

With the motto of ” Live and Help live”, Edhi foundation is running a non-profit Ambulance network in Pakistan. Edhi is the World largest Ambulance Network which provides 24 hours volunteer services to people in an emergency. Edhi foundation serves as social welfare and humanitarian non-profit organization in Pakistan.

#9 One and Only Nuclear Power state in Muslim World

You might not know there are just 9 countries in the world having Nuclear Power. And Yes, in the list of the World 9 Nuclear Power states there is the name of Pakistan too. Pakistan is the only country in the Muslim world to have Nuclear Power. In South Asia, it is the second country after India to have Nuclear Powers. Pakistan had tested its Nuclear weapons too and it is one of the powerful countries with Nuclear Power.

# 10 Mohenjo-daro and Indus Valley Civilization

The ancient Indus Valley Civilization, with its Major ancient city, Mohenjo-daro, is one of the largest and oldest civilizations in World. The archaeological site is now located in Sindh province of Pakistan which was the one of the advanced city of its time. Indus Valley Civilization covers most of the Present day Pakistan, Indian state Gujarat and north Indian states and even Iranian borders.

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