Top 6 Best Smartphones Under Rs 10000 In Nepal [2018]

In our previous list, we’ve published Top 10 Best Smartphones Under Rs 15000 in Nepal. Make sure you check that article if you are looking for a little bit high range smartphone then 10K; In this, we are going to list our Top 6 Best Smartphones Under Rs 10000 In Nepal [2018].

It’s very must require to find out budget smartphones under the price range of Rs 10000 in Nepal, cause all of us can’t afford 30K or 40K high-end or maybe we can call them mid-range smartphone; So it’s better we find best under 10K as well;

There are many devices you can find at the 10K price range in Nepal, Some devices listed below are up to 3GB RAM and other good specs which will be enough for low-end users, we believe;

And multi-tasking will be easier in these devices where you get a good amount of RAM and internal storage along with external expandable storage size;

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Top 6 Best Smartphones Under Rs 10000 In Nepal [2018]

#1 Moto C Full Specifications and Features

#2 Colors S1 Full Specifications and Features

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#3 Huawei Y3 2017 Full Specifications and Features

#4 UMIDIGI London Full Specifications and Features

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#5 Xiaomi Redmi 4A Full Specifications and Features

#6 Nokia 1 Full Specifications and Features

Wrapping it up

We can find those 6 are the best smartphone in Nepal, under 10K for low-end smartphone users. We hope those smartphones are worth buying for low-end smartphone users in Nepal; Let us know what do you think from the above list which one you might buy If you had to?

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