Using Hashtags For Digital Marketing

In a classic high school scenario, you’ll have different groups each standing in their own little circle, having conversations about what interests them. If you span over the distance, you can see that there are many of these cliques who are all brought together by a common interest and a love to talk about it. This high school environment is similar to how hashtags bring people together in the social media realm.

Consider if these high school groups all had visible phrases above them that described what they were talking about, or what their interest was at that time. All you would have to do is scan the room and, if you were interested in what they were talking about, you could join their group and begin conversing with ease. Or, you could highlight above your head something that might be of interest to them and get them to join your conversation, to see who you are and what you are about. This is what hashtags can do for your social media presence.

We’ve all seen hashtags used in social media and even on TV to influence audiences to check out a social media page or group. This has been a digital marketing tactic for years now, but why are hashtags so effective, and how can you implement them into your own digital marketing strategy? Read below to find out.

Reasons to Use Hash Tags in Digital Marketing

Reach & Visibility

In any business, expanding your reach and maintaining a high level of visibility are vital elements of your marketing efforts. Social media is vital for expanding national and international business, and hashtags are the perfect way to define, locate, and connect with your target audience. If you are looking to market your product, your marketing content has to be crafted with a specific audience in mind. Hashtags can let you know who is talking about what in your industry: what products and services your target audience like best, why it works best for their demographic, etc.

You can use hashtags in your social media posts to show up in broad circles such as your industry (#digitalmarketing), or you can get very specific with a branded hashtag — using your company name as a hashtag (#digitalample). A small business may catch more flies with a general hashtag, as when people are exploring hashtags in digital marketing on Instagram or Twitter, your content will pop up. Another way that will help you with your reach and visibility will be to know what is trending and who is talking about things in your industry to craft your hashtags.

Join Trending Topics And Conversations

An analysis of trending hashtags can illuminate what your target audience’s interests are, how they are conversing with one another, and allows you a chance to join in on the conversations. The ability to connect with your audience is crucial to your marketing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach through to anyone and your marketing efforts will fall flat.

You can find trending hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and you can even do a thorough investigation of what is trending through analytics (more on that later). If hashtags are trending around your niche or industry, include that hashtag in your social media post to join in on the trend and its conversations. Knowing what is trending on social media is an excellent opportunity to find ideas for crafting timely content that will land with your audience immediately. Topics discussed in social media change daily, and if you aren’t up to the times, your social media marketing efforts can fly under the radar and drastically decrease your visibility.

Monitoring And Analysis

Hashtag analysis should be included as part of your social media monitoring process. In recent light of big data, interpreting business analytics has proven to have profound effects on social marketing efforts. Social listening’s uses, explained here by Help On Click, are essential to customer services and marketing:

“Use social listening technology or manual searches to find customers talking about your company on social media. If you find someone voicing a complaint, reach out and see what you can do to address their needs. If they respond positively, you might retweet or share that experience. This shows you care and respond proactively, and could solve similar issues if other customers are having the same issue.”

Social media monitoring and social listening can illuminate crucial factors about your audience, and therefore where you should be directing your social media marketing campaign. Taking it a step further and rounding out your social media monitoring with hashtag analysis will only better your marketing efforts.

Trendsmap, Hashtagify, and Keyhole are all tools you can use to track and monitor the activity of hashtags. Do some research of the hashtags your competitors and other businesses in your industry are using that are successful, and also know which ones to avoid if they are unsuccessful. Some hashtags have been said to be in bad taste, whether due to unfortunate timing or they are associated with things you should not hitch to your campaign. In cases like these, social media can be your worst enemy, or your best friend when maintaining your public relations. It is essential to understand which hashtags to use and which could be considered offensive to keep your brand and image in a favorable light.

One last thing to be wary of about hashtags is saturation. You may want to use a specific hashtag, but if 150,000 other people and businesses use the same one, then your posts and marketing efforts could be lost in the sea of content that is social media. Finding the right hashtag at the right time can explode your post into going viral, creating enormous exposure for you and your business. Conversely, if your hashtags aren’t landing, then you need to reexamine your hashtag usage so your posts and marketing efforts aren’t falling flat — costing you time and money. A sound analysis of hashtag activity can help you pick the perfect one(s)

In Conclusion

It’s no secret that social media plays a pivotal role in your digital marketing efforts. A strong social media marketing campaign can elevate your visibility, conversion rate, and sales. With the information above, you can boost your social media marketing campaign even further with the correct implementation of hashtags. Take your social media posts to the next level with hashtags to connect with your audience and elevate your marketing game.

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