What is data structure? Why do we required this?

Data is the basic fact or entity that is utilized in calculation or manipulation. There are two different type of data numerical and alpha-numerical data and these two data type defines that the nature of data item under that goes some operations, like integer floating point data character constant and such other data items or data type. The study of data structure therefore involves two complementary goals. The first goal is to identify and develop the useful mathematical entities and operations. The second goal is to determine representation for those abstract entities and to implement the abstract operations. 
In data structure that exit in c the array and structure we are describe the facilitate that are available in c for utilizing these structures of these also focus on the abstract definitions of these data structures how they can be useful in problem solving. Data may be single value or it may be set of values weather it is a single value or group of values to be processed must be organized in a particular fashion this organizing in particular fashion. This organization leads the structuring of data. 
The data structure is required for organized the data in mathematically way to solve the problems in efficient and effectively manner. The data structure is the building block of program or it is a systematic way of organizing a collection of data in mathematically structure. 


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