What is File Transfer Protocol? (FTP)


Web protocols are essential for communicating between client and server. We’ve even discussed HTTP protocol, FTP is another type of web protocol which helps to transfer files from one point to another.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
FTP was originally developed to allow researchers to give one another access to programs and large data files. The early users protected most of their file access with simple user IDs and passwords, but many set aside small parts of FTP sites for anonymous, or general, access.
To obtain access to files through an anonymous FTP server, you use the general user ID “anonymous” and provide your e-mail address as the password. Anonymous FTP site access is so popular that many FTP clients connect you automatically. FTP servers are scattered throughout the Internet and are generally accessible to anyone.
Businesses have discovered many uses for FTP servers as efficient information, access and distribution points. For instance, when you download software programs and documents from Web sites, you are usually transferred to FTP sites for the actual download.
This process takes place transparently (e.g., the user is unaware of which protocol is downloading the program). FTP is also used to publish Web pages to a Web server. You simply upload your Web page files to an FTP server. After the upload is complete, Web browsers using HTTP can access your Web pages.
File Transfer Protocol uses Port No:  21
There are different File Transfer Protocol Softwares you can use to transfer files from one point to another.

  • FileZilla
  • WinSCP
  • Cyberduck
  • FireFTP
  • CoreFTP
  • Ftech
  • etc…


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