Yesterday, I had a brief conversation with one guy, who needed to give a presentation on the topic ‘Leadership’. He wanted some strong points to argue a general mindset of people when it comes to this sorts of traits of an individual.

A lot of time, people judge themselves and question their own capability. Often times that I have seen this is in the fields like music, sports, educational sector etc. You are a born singer, you are a born athlete, you’re a born genius, and the phrases go on. They all imply common notion; you’re BORN with the traits. But in this article, I’ll make that mindset of yours, changed forever, for which I shall be focusing on one of many; Leaderships.

First of all, what is aka “Leadership”? Some may say, one who holds the characteristics of a leader and has the ability to pursue a mass of people into his/her virtue. There’s a reason why I bold “mass of people“.


Simply put, many perceive, leaders as individuals who run a particular government, most of the time, a nation’s chief in command.

Go and ask 10 people, who do they think is a leader, and unsurprisingly, they’ll say the name of their nation’s president or the name of a popular personnel belonging to a political party.

But even worse is the fact that, people often believe, an individual who is called “Leaders”is born that way. Meaning, they had what it takes their birth. And when I hear such illogical and ridicule statement, I often ask, ‘What do you think leadership is, some sort of injected vaccine?’ Seriously! We all have what it takes to become a Leader. But what separates us from the crowd of leaders, is nothing more than our skills of leaderships, which by the way is not inherited, rather is learned through experience.

Have you ever been made a class representative, during your younger educational life? If you had been given a chance , and the decision you made, whether Yes or No, determines the build up of your skills as a leader. Sure you can kick the darn ball into the net, you’re a striker, big deal! But to uplift your team, when it is on the losing side, now that’s leadership.

But throughout the history, the irony is such, leaders do not always bend towards positivity. Hitler, Bin laden, Baghdadi; they’re all few icons who drive the notion of leadership into negativity. Sadly, the majority of people being influenced by such wrong morals is comparatively higher than of those, who follow spiritual and humane motto. But whether we like it or not, the ability to mend the minds of people, the capability of controlling such large portion of people, and to make them the disciple of your words, is the rock-bottom definition of a true leader. But was Hitler, Hitler, since his childhood? Did Baghdadi was born with morals to lead ISIS? The simple answer to that would be, No!

What I’m trying to convey here is, a newly born child with the not even slightest consciousness of his/her own existence certainly has no idea of his/her capability. S/he passes through a phase of life where everyone loves you, everything is fine and everyone around is kind.

They all want nopersonality developmentthing but to hold you and give you warm hugs and kisses. Then you get a bit rusty over the age. A bit immature perhaps. As a boy, you’re too busy watching your first porn or being soaked by anime and games. As a girl, you now are too much concerned about how you look and how things should look.

And the strangest things happens, life. You loose few friends you thought were the ones meant to be. You go through your first breakup or maybe you’ll still be single and called an ugly man or an ugly woman. All in all, you start to soak in the hatred, irritation, negativity and majority of these variables over the good one.

From here there is only three doors to be honest, either you get drowned into the vibe of negativity, or you barely feel need or concern for anything and lead a neutral life or the madness you feel around you drives the inner you and explodes your true purpose of standing for the right. But then again will it send you to a leader? Well, it depends on how you define the term; a person who leads a path of motivation and positivity or a self-obsessed human who’s main virtue becomes nothing more than satisfying his/her own demented needs.


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