Learn How to Write Engaging Content for Readers

If you’re struggling with writing articles of those 3000+ words then you’re at the right place here I will guide you to write engaging content for readers. I’ll lay down the beans right away- Yoast combined with Wordpress can help you breed better content with ease. But what about those who are on Blogger platforms? Well, not to worry on that, as this article will teach you how to write great, SEO optimized, long articles without valuable plugins like Yoast.

Write Engaging Content for Readers

Use of headings, quality pictures, stepwise procedure listing, and content that requires in-depth knowledge– these are all that you need to write such long articles. There you go, the secret of writing long articles revealed. Goodbye, and thank you for reading

Subheading is Essential Factor

By this I mean, including subheadings (Heading 2- strongly recommended) makes your content more engaging and focused. Subheadings are generally bigger in size than your content’s text. So for a change, viewers feel more focused when they come across such headings between the separating paragraphs. But there’s a catch to it.

  • Subheadings must contain the focus keyword that you’re going to use it for “X” article. However, it’s not mandatory for every subheading to have the keyword. For example; my keyword for this article is “Long articles” – thus you can see the keyword in the heading above.
  • Never fill up your content with many subheadings. This will make your content less SEO friendly and will increase the load time of your post, which is not great for your website
  • Always make sure, the heading is relevant and a transition is strong. Meaning, the paragraph that follows after the heading, must be relevant. Don’t use subheadings as an end tag of certain paragraphs.
  • Subheadings must not be large and long. It should be short and to the point- kind of short tagline of what you’re about to explain.

Relevant and Quality Pictures

Wait a minute, what do pictures have to do with the long worded article? You’ll understand it in a few moment, just bear with me.

Do you love reading text after text, with no pictures at all? Well, I assume you’re not that deep into the literature. Then why to expect the viewers you’re hoping to come, would read your long article without any pictures. Oh! So you do put up pictures, but are they relevant? Are they? What about their positioning and size? I bet you are so much concerned with quality pictures, that you overload your own website with an image greater than 500KB.

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For me, a quality picture must have three things- proper attributes, relevancy, and suitable positioning. Again you must be wondering, what does any of this have to do with writing the long article, right? The thing is, writing 3000+ words is not a difficult task. Anyone can write it. But how many of them can make people stay engaged through the entire 3000+ words? I’ll be honest, even I can not guarantee they will.

But by the end of this informative article, majority of them will stick around, so you do too :-)

Write Engaging Content for Readers

Coming back to the major 3 things, the picture you put must be relevant- which is obvious. But the title you give to the picture, or should I say image attributes- must contain..any guesses? Yes, the focus keyword, that you’re going to use for that particular article. This will solidify your content even further and relevant pictures will make viewers more engaged with the long post. But again, do not overdo it.

What about the positioning? This is one thing you should never ignore. How your post looks on those small and highly consumed gadgets, can make or break your article. So positioning your image at the suitable place can really make the article stand out. For the first image, you’re going to put up, make it wide and large- again with the focused theme.

For the following ones, it’s your choice- but I generally go to the left or right positioning of text at their side. Makes sense? Of course, it does :-P

Bullets Out Of Your Guns

Write Engaging Content for Readers

Didn’t you found the guideline to using subheading, simple and easy to understand? That’s the power of using bullets or numbering on your content. The reason I say this is, the most post which goes beyond such lengthy word counts, requires in-depth guides. The paragraphs can make it less compact and desirable for the viewers who seek such information. So always take the advantage of such tool and break down core information into step by step guideline.

It makes the content easy to follow and understand. Once again. don’t over do it, especially bulletin every single damn thing.

Articles That Needs Depth

Writing 3000+ word article can be really stressful for many beginners. The choice of “topic” also can make a big difference. If I could I can, elongate this article more than 2000 words, but that would not be good on my side. Why? Because the topic I’ve chosen here does not require such big lengthy explanation. Sure, if I want I can send it to longer articles, but the weight this topic hold (importance), is relatively low than other heated topics.

Write Engaging Content for Readers

SEO optimization, Website building, Traffic generations can have more weight and people take in more interest to read articles related to them more. However, articles like this are less of an importance for many, so you need to act smart and chose topics that require longer explanation.

There’s a reason, why people tell you to write at least 4-5 articles per month that are over 1000 words or more. Because Google knows, such articles provide in-depth value and information- which is the major criteria for its approval. 9 Blogging Advice for Bloggers

There you have it folks, the best way to write long articles. Always remember, thousands of words means nothing if it does not provide the promised value. So make it relevant, provide information to the core and to the point, use quality images to engage your viewers and most importantly, make it less boring by breaking down into many paragraphs and step by step bullets.

Lastly, let’s discuss on comments about the view of writing effective content. Happy Blogging :)

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