Zero Official Trailer (Shah Rukh Khan, Aanand L Rai, Anushka, Katrina)

Raj, a man of short stature dreams of dating a specific superstar. He doesn’t know what to expect in return, but what he does know is that true love comes in various forms.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero trailer needs to be watched till the end. Till the absolute end of its 3.15-minute length — past Shah Rukh Khan as a dwarf with quick retorts and big dreams, beyond Anushka Sharma as a world famous scientist suffering from cerebral palsy and even after you have met Katrina Kaif’s alcoholic movie star.

Because there, moments before Zero trailer ends, you will see Shah Rukh going off to space in a rocket. It doesn’t make sense despite that whistle-worthy dialogue about lovers bringing pieces of Moon to Earth for their beloved. Perhaps Zero can put it all in perspective, perhaps it can’t. However, for that we need to wait till December when Aanand L Rai’s film releases.

Watch Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero trailer

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