4 Ways to Vote for Miss World 2018 (Vote for Shrinkhala)

Vote for Shrinkhala
Source: Shrinkhala's Page;

She (Shrinkhala) has been competing with almost 121 contestants around the world, And it’s gonna be the toughest journey for her; Because we are looking forward to seeing her as a Miss World this time;

So for that, we need to keep supporting her in every step with votings; There are 4 different ways to support her and vote her;

Instructions to Vote for ShrinkhalaHow to Vote for Miss World 2018

There are 4 ways to vote for your favorite contestant to advance to round 2 of the head to head challenge.

Voting opens when the episode is posted and closes on November 28th;

(यो फेसबुक पेजमा गएर तपार्इ हामी हरूले भोट गर्न सक्छाैं, त्यसैले सृन्खला खतिवडाका अन्य पेजमा अन्य आइडिमा भोट नगरी ! यसै पेजमा मा भोट गर्नुस । फेसबुकमा भोट गर्न लार्इक, सेयर र कमेन्ट गरे पुग्छ ।)

  • Second way: Voting for them on the Miss World Website:
    https://missworld.com/#/vote now here you can find your favorite contestants and vote for them;

(माथि दिर्इएको लिन्क खोल्नोस र मिस वर्ड सार्इटमा एकाउन्ट छ भने Vote option मा जानुहोस र Shrinkhala Kkhatiwada खोज्नोस र Vote गर्नुहोस। छैन भने एकाउन्ट बनाउनुहोस र भोट गर्नुहोस)

  • Third Way: Liking and commenting on their photos on their OFFICIAL Mobstar accounts;

(“mobster” App लार्इ प्ले स्टोर बाट डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस र आइडी बनाइ Shrinkhala सर्च गरि Entries मा किलिक गरि सृन्खलाको पेज आउने छ । त्यस्मा Vote गर्नुहोस ।)

भोट गर्न;- सृङ्खलाको टाइमलाइनमा भएका सबै फोटोलाइ right-hand side तिर स्लाइड गर्नुहोस Ok आउँछ र Like हुन्छ! त्यो नै भोट हुनेछ।

The contestant who performs the best among all four platforms will advance to round 2 of Head to Head Challenge.

Shrinkhala has shared a notice from Facebook Page, please don’t vote on Fake pages please make sure you support her on the right platform and right page;


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