4 Ways to Vote for Miss World 2018 (Vote for Shrinkhala)

She (Shrinkhala) has been competing with almost 121 contestants around the world, And it’s gonna be the toughest journey for her; Because we are looking forward to seeing her as a Miss World this time;

So for that, we need to keep supporting her in every step with votings; There are 4 different ways to support her and vote her;

Instructions to Vote for ShrinkhalaHow to Vote for Miss World 2018

There are 4 ways to vote for your favorite contestant to advance to round 2 of the head to head challenge.

Voting opens when the episode is posted and closes on November 28th;

(यो फेसबुक पेजमा गएर तपार्इ हामी हरूले भोट गर्न सक्छाैं, त्यसैले सृन्खला खतिवडाका अन्य पेजमा अन्य आइडिमा भोट नगरी ! यसै पेजमा मा भोट गर्नुस । फेसबुकमा भोट गर्न लार्इक, सेयर र कमेन्ट गरे पुग्छ ।)

  • Second way: Voting for them on the Miss World Website: now here you can find your favorite contestants and vote for them;

(माथि दिर्इएको लिन्क खोल्नोस र मिस वर्ड सार्इटमा एकाउन्ट छ भने Vote option मा जानुहोस र Shrinkhala Kkhatiwada खोज्नोस र Vote गर्नुहोस। छैन भने एकाउन्ट बनाउनुहोस र भोट गर्नुहोस)

  • Third Way: Liking and commenting on their photos on their OFFICIAL Mobstar accounts;

(“mobster” App लार्इ प्ले स्टोर बाट डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस र आइडी बनाइ Shrinkhala सर्च गरि Entries मा किलिक गरि सृन्खलाको पेज आउने छ । त्यस्मा Vote गर्नुहोस ।)

भोट गर्न;- सृङ्खलाको टाइमलाइनमा भएका सबै फोटोलाइ right-hand side तिर स्लाइड गर्नुहोस Ok आउँछ र Like हुन्छ! त्यो नै भोट हुनेछ।

The contestant who performs the best among all four platforms will advance to round 2 of Head to Head Challenge.

Shrinkhala has shared a notice from Facebook Page, please don’t vote on Fake pages please make sure you support her on the right platform and right page;

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