WordPress SSL Settings and How to Resolve Mixed Content Warnings

You are using SSL Certificate or HTTPs secured certification on your website to make your website secure but not successfully seeing that your website is secured or some of the links may not look like secured links because of mixed content warnings.

Those mixed content warnings are the primary issue that comes or triggers after adding SSL certification on your website. You can check those from browser console.

You can just check example

mixed content warnings

This mixed content issue caused by some URL differences where you have HTTPS secured certificate right but some URLs those exist on your site doesn’t have HTTPs on their website and they trigger via HTTP on your website. That can cause you a mixed content issue on your website.

You can check image, with those issues my website doesn’t show that it’s secured and locked.

Now let’s talk about how to resolve that mixed content warnings on WordPress by using a simple plugin.

How to Resolve Mixed Content Warnings

First of all, let’s talk what we have to do to resolve those issues. Either you have to remove those URLs those which doesn’t contain HTTPs or Either you have to add HTTPs on those URLs if those links have higher priority.

The thing is we cannot delete URLs because they might be the primary links to our website, so here we have to do is to force the URLs to redirect them to HTTPs.


There are many plugins to do it on WordPress, you can go to the plugin section of your website and click on add new plugin and search for Really Simple SSL

really simple ssl

As I have told you, you can use Force SSL plugins as well but here we are using Really Simple SSL which does the same thing and which is the best plugin available for WordPress.

After installing this plugin you just need to activate this plugin and you are good to go.

But before you go on debug mode make sure you clear all the caches and then you debug your website for checking mixed content warnings.

mixed content warnings solved

Here you can see that now we’ve resolved all the mixed content issues and now we are seeing that our website also supports HTTPS SSL certificate.

That’s it

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