An iOS spyware app with non-jailbreak solution

An iOS Spyware App with Non-Jailbreak Solution

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and efficient cell phone monitoring and tracking apps rightly available in the spy market. The app is particularly intended for parents and employers to monitor the cell phone use of their children and workers. It is a multi-platform software application that is compatible with Android and iOS based mobile phone devices. The spy app comes preloaded with innumerable features letting the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted cell phone via online control panel. The software also offers non-jailbreak monitoring solution for iPhones and iPads. In this article, we have reviewed the non-jailbreak monitoring solution of TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app. Read on to know the features and functionality of the most advanced iOS spyware app.

How does TheOneSpy Work?

The cell phone tracking app enables the end-user to track online and offline activities performed by the target on the targeted device. It enables parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children by tracking their cell phones. By using the cell phone tracking app, parents can check out the messages, calls, contacts, emails and internet use of their children without becoming helicopter parents. The end-user of the spyware software is provided access to the online spy account from where the targeted cell phone can be monitored and controlled. The spy app gets access to the cell phone data and uploads to the online spy account from where parents can review it.

iOS Jailbreaking

The iOS Jailbreaking means bypassing the software restrictions imposed by Apple. The company does not allow downloading and installing third party apps on iPhones. To install a third party app, you need to bypass the software restrictions of the company by Jailbreaking iOS. The spy apps are third party apps that cannot be installed on iPhones without iOS jailbreak.

The iOS Jailbreaking carries several risks. The company does not take responsibility for any loss occurred during the jailbreak process. It voids the warranty of the smartphone and makes it vulnerable to threats and viruses.   

Non-Jailbreak iOS Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy offers non-jailbreak monitoring solutions for iPhones. There is no need to download and install the spy app on the targeted phone. You can track a cell phone without getting it installed with the spyware app. The non-jailbreak iOS monitoring app only requires you to provide iCloud credentials of the targeted iPhone. By logging into the online control panel of the spy account, you can enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone of your kid. The best iPhone spy app without jailbreak solution will start monitoring targeted device without app installation.

Features of Non-Jailbreak iOS Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy non-jailbreak tracking app offers a wide range of features including monitoring of messages, phone calls, contacts and internet history.

Track Messages

The iOS tracking app lets you monitor text messages, iMessage and instant messages received and sent via monitored cell phone. The app lets you spy on WhatsApp messages and Kik messages to ensure your children communicate with reliable contacts. The spy app gets access to messages stored on the targeted cell phone and uploads these messages to the online spy account from where parents can view them. The spy app also provides contact detail of message senders and receivers.  

Track Phone Calls

TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance app lets you track phone calls of your children. The non-jailbreak monitoring app gets access to call logs and provides detail of incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can know which contact numbers have received calls and which contacts have made calls to the target.

Spy on Contacts

The cell phone monitoring app lets you track contacts stored on the monitored mobile phone. You can know which contact numbers have been stored on the targeted device by logging into the online spy account.

Track Internet Browsing History

The iPhone spy app lets you track internet use of your children. You can get access to the internet browsing history of the targeted cell phone and know which websites are being visited by your kids. The spy app also lets you monitor bookmarks to know which websites are frequently being visited by your kids.

The non-jailbreak iOS monitoring app offers numerous other features to let you monitor and manage the cell phone device of your concerned ones. You can know more about the app by visiting the official webpage of TheOneSpy.  

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