How To Tune Up a Muscle Car

If you own a muscle car, you likely love your vehicle. For many people, their cars are the ultimate automobile. These vehicles offer power, performance, hours of fun and a connection to a special part of American history. Part of loving your vehicle may be wanting to keep it properly maintained and in excellent working order. Doing a tune up can help you get more from your muscle car.

What Does a Tune Up Consist Of?

“Tune up” is a bit of a vague term. It means different things depending on who you ask. However, the spirit of a tune up is always the same: work on the powertrain to achieve or maintain optimal performance. Tune ups are most associated with older vehicles such as classic muscle cars. Nonetheless, whether you have a brand-new Mustang or a first-generation Camaro, a tune up can be helpful.

Some of the most common tasks are to check the fluid levels. Changing the engine oil is nearly always a good idea, especially on older vehicles. Also, take a look and see if any of the other fluids appear dirty. Some people argue that you should drain the gas tank and fuel system. However, this often isn’t necessary, especially in fuel injected vehicles.

Head to the engine bay and may sure that all the belts and hoses appear to be in good condition. A close inspection is necessary, especially if the vehicle has been sitting. Also, take a look at the battery terminals for any corrosion or poor connections.

You should remove the spark plugs and check them. If they are relatively new, give them a once-over with a wire brush. If they are older, replace them.

Take a look at the air filter and replace it if necessary. With how low most air filter price points are, it is often a good idea to replace them more often than not.

Some people may do a more intensive tune up of the engine. However, the above items are fairly standard in the process.

Other Maintenance

Beyond engine maintenance, you may want to inspect and maintain other parts of the vehicle. Check out auto parts api. For example, you should check your tire pressure and inspect the sidewalls for any damage or fissures. Also, take a look at the brake pads for thickness. Most modern brake pads have metal indicators that screech when they are getting too thin. However, if you measure them, you need at least 3mm of pad material.

Inspect all your lights to make sure they are in good working order. Your lights are some of the most important safety components of your vehicle.

Take a look at the suspension and inspect for fluids or rust. Also, look for damage such as cracking or bending. Inside the vehicle, consider changing the cabin air filter. Again, with the low cabin air filter cost for most cars, it is better to just get it over with.

Get To It

With the tune up items and these other inspection and maintenance tasks, you should be in great shape. All of this is easy to learn how to do. So, get started tuning up your muscle car today.

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