Personal Opinion on Mental Disorder #WorldMentalHealthDay

If we keep ourself Isolated mental disorder continues to grow.

The more we keep focus on tech, it will always prise us towards the rabbit hole of mental disorder. Because it keeps us attached to it and we don’t get to experience the real world.

You can go 1000s year back and analyze the current situation you will find it very different.

We have become self-centric, that’s good in some point of view.

These are my opinions I”m not a doctor, I have never ever tried to study any medical sector, I’m just exploring psychology.

It’s growing because we have become self-centric, pride leads to it, social media leads to it, some of the wrong actions, the wrong relationships leads to it, a misunderstanding leads to it, no cooperation will lead to it, there are so many things to mention but just to get over it, you need to burst out your feeling with the one who doesn’t judge you, listens to you very calmly and give instructions accordingly, lash out at someone who is so close to you, family, friends, your partner or maybe some you know could help you in this matter.

Most Importantly, those who are close to the person facing this issue, you might see some early symptoms so always be curious about his/her behaviour.


J. Satya

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