Hotkeys or Shortcut Keys for VLC Media Player

Hotkeys generally called as a shortcut keys and they are really helpful while you need to perform your task so quickly. VLC Media support many shortcut keys you can apply them and change any setting so quickly.

In this article, we are going to list out all the shortcut keys available for the VLC media player.

Shortcut Keys for VLC Media Player

Action Hotkey
Full screen F
Exit full screen Esc
Play pause Space
Pause only Browser stop
Play only Browser refresh
Faster +
Normal rate =
Faster (Fine) ]
Slower (Fine) [
Next N
Previous P
Stop S
Position T
Very short backwards jump Shift + Left
Very short forward jump Shift + Right
Short backwards jump Alt + Left
Short forward jump Alt + Right
Medium backwards jump Ctrl + Left
Medium forward jump Ctrl + Right
Long backwards jump Ctrl + Alt + Left
Long forward jump Ctrl + Alt + Right
Next frame E
Activate Enter
Navigate Up Up
Navigate Down Down
Navigate Left Left
Navigate Right Right
Go to the DVD menu Shift + m
Select Previous DVD title Shift + o
Select next DVD title Shift + b
Select prev DVD chapter Shift + p
Select next DVD chapter Shift + n
Quit Ctrl + q
Volume up Ctrl + up
Mute M
Subtitle delay up H
Subtitle delay down G
Subtitle sync / bookmark audio timestamp Shift + h
Subtitle sync / bookmark subtitle timestamp Shift + j
Subtitle sync / synchronize audio & subtitle timestamps Shift + k
Subtitle sync / reset audio & subtitle synchronization Ctrl + Shift + k
Audio delay up K
Audio delay down J
Cycle audio track B
Cycle through audio devices Shift+a
Cycle subtitle track V
Toggle subtitles Shift+v
Cycle next program Service ID X
Cycle previous program Service ID Shift+x
Cycle source aspect ratio A
Cycle video crop C
Toggle autoscaling O
Increase scale factor Alt+o
Decrease scale factor Alt+Shift+o
Toggle deinterlacing D
Cycle deinterlace modes Shift+d
Show controller in fullscreen I
Context menu Menu
Take video snapshot Shift+s
Record Shift+r
Zoom Z
Un-Zoom Shift+z
Toggle wallpaper mode in video output W
Crop one pixel from the top of the video Alt+r
Uncrop one pixel from the top of the video Alt+Shift+r
Crop one pixel from the left of the video Alt+d
Uncrop one pixel from the left of the video Alt+Shift+d
Crop one pixel from the bottom of the video Alt+c
Uncrop one pixel from the bottom of the video Alt+Shift+c
Crop one pixel from the right of the video Alt+f
Uncrop one pixel from the right of the video Alt+Shift+f
Random R
Normal/Loop/Repeat I
1:4 Quarter Alt+1
1:2 Half Alt+2
1:1 Original Alt+3
2:1 Double Alt+4
Set playlist bookmark 1 Ctrl+F1
Set playlist bookmark 2 Ctrl+F2
Set playlist bookmark 3 Ctrl+F3
Set playlist bookmark 4 Ctrl+F4
Set playlist bookmark 5 Ctrl+F5
Set playlist bookmark 6 Ctrl+F6
Set playlist bookmark 7 Ctrl+F7
Set playlist bookmark 8 Ctrl+F8
Set playlist bookmark 9 Ctrl+F9
Set playlist bookmark 10 Ctrl+F10
Play playlist bookmark 1 F1
Play playlist bookmark 2 F2
Play playlist bookmark 3 F3
Play playlist bookmark 4 F4
Play playlist bookmark 5 F5
Play playlist bookmark 6 F6
Play playlist bookmark 7 F7
Play playlist bookmark 8 F8
Play playlist bookmark 9 F9
Play playlist bookmark 10 F10
Clear the playlist Ctrl + w

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