Why Is Code Security Important?

Code security is exactly what it sounds like. Making sure that vulnerabilities in code are recognized and patched before they can be exploited by malicious actors is a key security task for any large company. Keeping company and customer data safe, preventing malware and ransomware attacks and protecting intellectual property all rest upon good code security. Here are four compelling reasons why you should pay attention to how secure your code is. 

Cybercrime Isn’t Going Away

Crime, unfortunately, does sometimes pay. This unpleasant fact is ample reason for some people to direct their talents towards a life of dark deeds. Cybercrime attracts all sorts of people – from professional spies to disenchanted computer scientists. Society’s increasing reliance upon networked systems for finance and communication means that cybercrime promises to be even more profitable in the future. Cybercrime is here to stay, and companies need to prepare properly to combat it. 

Code Vulnerabilities Open the Door to Hackers

As this rather antiquated article from Scientific American correctly points out, a hacker is essentially somebody that finds and exploits vulnerabilities in a computer system or network. One of the most commonly pursued avenues for exploitation is unknown code vulnerabilities. Code vulnerabilities that are not known by systems administrators can be exploited without the knowledge of the owners. This is incredibly important for hackers, as they can steal data and work on compromising a system without being detected. 

Luckily, it is possible to organize your code security to detect any vulnerabilities – whittling down the chances of a hacker or hackers infiltrating a system without your knowledge. 

Once a Code Is Compromised, It’s Hard to Re-secure

Having great code security from the outset is very important. Once a system is compromised, there are not too many options available that aren’t costly and time-consuming. Incident responders typically don’t find it too hard to find out what the vulnerability was in a system, but by then it is usually too late. Major software patches usually have to be written and released, and all of the IT systems in a company typically have to be cleansed of the offending vulnerable software or operating system. 

Automated code security systems go some way to ensuring that this painful process never has to happen in the first place. 

Your Data Is Your Property

As this article has made clear by now, insecure code leaves your business open to all sorts of thievery and exploitation. Most importantly, it makes your data into a sitting duck. In the modern, hyperconnected world, data is one of your most precious resources. Whether it is the market data that helps you build strategy or the customer data that you have a duty to protect, it is all-important. Data breaches can seriously hurt the finances and reputation of a company. Customer data breaches are especially damaging

After all, what customer would want their data stored by a company that cannot keep it safe? Code security is key to ensuring that your data is not stolen, held to ransom or destroyed. 

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