Common Office Design Mistakes to Avoid Making

When you are setting up your office space, it is certainly important that you get the design right. Otherwise, you are likely to find that there are particular issues that plague you and cause a nuisance for an extended period of time. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common office design mistakes that you can avoid making. 

Poor Lighting 

The first potential issue that you could find yourself encountering is one of poor lighting. First of all, you want to make the most of any natural light that you have by not blocking any windows and positioning your workstation in a wise place that uses the light that you are already getting. You should also think about the types of other lighting that you are going to be using. For example, you may not wish to rely on too much harsh overhead lighting. Instead, something softer and more appealing could well be the better option.

Poor Layout 

The next issue could be one of layout, which means that the office simply does not have the sense of flow that you were originally looking to create. Instead of having everyone closed off, open plan offices are the way of the future and encourage a sense of collaboration. Not only this, but you should ensure that there is enough space in the center for people to be able to glide around at their leisure. You should also think about where the communal devices are located such as photocopier and printer to ensure that everybody has easy access to them.

Not Enough Storage 

While you may be setting up your office without a huge amount of stuff to bring along, over time, it is more than likely that you are going to start to accumulate it. This means thinking through your storage options carefully to ensure that you are able to fit in what you need to. Otherwise, you can end up in a situation in which storage is starting to overflow into the main office area, which can really have a negative impact on the sense of flow that you sought to create. 

Neglecting the Reception Area 

Often it is the case that so much thought has gone into the other areas of the office that the reception is simply ignored and overlooked. Obviously, this can be a major problem at it means that the first impression that your clients get of the space is not the ideal impression that you would otherwise like and wish to create. Ultimately, first impressions matter and you should put just as much time and effort into ensuring that you have gotten it just right. 

Avoiding all of these common office design mistakes will make it so much more likely that you have created the kind of office space that stands the test of time and does everything that you would expect of it for the good of your business.

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