Best Type Of Radio Systems

Digital radio systems are popular gadgets to use for communication between staff within companies. Two way radios are probably the best radio system to use but it will all come down to preference. Communication within companies is key and if you’re looking to improve this part of your business you can consider a radio. Here is some information on the best radio systems to use for business…

Different types of radios systems

There are a few different types of radios that can be beneficial for business and communication between teams, these are typically handheld, vehicle-mounted, or desktop based. Handheld mobile radios are helpful for those working on the move and needing to keep in contact with their colleagues. It will all depend on the industry you work in when considering the right radios to invest in for your team.

Two way radios for business 

If you have never used two way radios for business before you won’t find them difficult to get the hang of as you will only really be using one button. You might know two way radios as walkie talkies as they are commonly referred to. Two way radios can be used by any age group and you will save money on training if you invest in this type of radio. If you work in a field where staff needs to communicate outside, you will benefit from two way radios for many reasons. 

The benefits of two way radios 

Two way radios have benefits that make them more reliable than phones, they’re durable meaning you won’t need to replace them. Most two way radios are also waterproof and dustproof so they’re easy to clean and if they’re splashed or dropped in water that will still work. This is ideal for those that work near water, for example lifeguards, fisherman and sailors. Another benefit of a two way radio is the battery life, the radios last for a very long time without being charged, unlike phones for example that have a limited battery. 

There are some tips to follow when using two way radios, you should always pause before sending out messages, after clicking the button to make sure nothing you say is cut off. It is recommended to make sure you know the phonetic alphabet to make communications more clear if you are spelling out words. In emergency situations, this can be crucial for clear, concise communication. 

The type of radio system that will be best for you will depend on the industry you work in and your employees. Two way radios are appropriate for outside work like events and on university campuses. It’s worth buying a few radios at a time for the whole team to use and they will last for years. Radios are one way to improve communication between your team and they are readily available online and in stores.

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