How to Get First Job on UpWork?

This was the question that has been asked on Quora, and I answer that there but what I felt is it’s necessary to provide for our readers as well. There are many they have asked me regarding this problem. I find these are the way to find the 1st job on up work;

Please if you have a better experience and better tactics then please let us know or you can contribute an article at if you feel right to share; Otherwise, you can submit on the comment section or through email [email protected]

Now let’s directly get into the question;

I’m just getting started on Upwork. As a digital marketer, what do I need to do to get my 1st job?

Well I’m not an experienced Upworker but these are the suggestions that I would like to add for you;

  1. First of all, build a strong profile base with the quite amazing description; Amazing means don’t show off but describe what you have done, what you can do and how can you make strategic plans;
  2. To make sure first is find, check your competitor up workers, but don’t copy them, make sure you present your self on your words;
  3. The tags that will make difference;
  4. Upwork tests will add little more advantage but before you try for the test you must prepare for digital marketing things; So make sure you give right answer;
  5. Remaining whatever it takes you to create a profile just create it, add whatever is required;

Now how can you drive traffic to profile;

  1. It’s better you write your description on SEO optimized manner, make sure you avoid grammatical mistakes.
  2. Now it’s time for bookmarking; I don’t know you will get a customer ASAP but it will help you get views on your profile that means people will know about you; Views meanings up work may prioritize your profile searches. (not exactly sure about that)
  3. Regarding bookmarks, you can try best Reddit or subreddits related to freelance or anything related to marketing etc…
  4. Their other sites of profile building those are hackers news [not recommended] but still take a chance, Stumbleupon, Flipboard, VK, Apsense, Google+ and Google+ Communities are the best, a furthermore Facebook profile build up and groups and Facebook communities, from there you can get some clients as well;
  5. If I need to add something else make sure you collaborate with another freelancer that you know, make good term with them and tell them please help me with one task [ remember you are not begging, you are branding your profile] without doing a task on 100% profile success rate it will be hard to get a single freelance work;
  6. The same thing happens on Fiverr as well; We don’t really collaborate with top Freelancers but we join them and we work on a cost division and segmentation.

There must be some other ways as well; I’m still on to figure out those; I will update if anything popups in my mind.

If in case your aim is to get office jobs then I suggest you to keep checking jobs circular websites like bdjobstoday to get your perfect office job. I hope this article will fairly help with freelancing as well as office jobs. 

If you still have queries then please place your comments below on the comment; I will gladly help you through;

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