Why you should be carrying out employee surveys regularly

Everyone’s heard of surveys. You know those annoyingly time-consuming questions that people ask at the most inconvenient times. After all, who hasn’t had that one person on the phone that you just cannot get rid of, and which call you only answered because you were waiting for something important? But how about a different kind of survey, one that can make your business not only more profitable but also foster a positive and supportive work environment for all? When you carry out employee surveys, you will be garnering vital information from those who know your business best.

The pros of employee surveys

It’s human nature to want to feel valued by and important to the people that surround you. Considering people spend a large percentage of their waking hours (34.4 hours per week for the average American) at work, it then makes sense that self-belief and worth is going to be somewhat tied up in the way that employers and colleagues treat us. gives businesses the tools to formulate and carry out surveys to find out exactly how employees feel about the business, giving them the opportunity for their views to be heard in a safe and supportive environment. It also creates an ethos of building the company with the staff at the center, rather than the other way around. These surveys can also be used by the corporate wellness platforms to design effective wellness programs for companies.

Not every person will be happy in their workplace all of the time. Workload pressures, time constraints and the need to deliver can often be the culprits, but occasionally there may be friction amongst colleagues that is having a detrimental effect on the workplace. This can become particularly difficult when they are between colleagues who are not on the same level, for example, a worker and their line manager, as this creates an uneven power struggle. Employee surveys can serve as a way for staff to articulate any grievances or problems they may have in a constructive manner. Particularly for complaints, surveys are also great to use anonymously as that then encourages people to be much more open.

Employees are a goldmine of information on your business. From the starting process to the end product, employees not only see the complexities, time and effort that are fed into the company but are also able to pinpoint where along the way the triumphs or failings of the business in terms of productivity and success lie. By asking for their thoughts and opinions, you can gain accurate information that can be analyzed and therefore improved upon. 


One factor that the management of the business should consider once you have gleaned this critical information from the viewpoint of those working for it is that action then needs to be taken. By carrying out employee surveys, you have tapped into a fantastic base from which to improve not only the productivity of your company but perhaps even more importantly, a basis from which you can make positive changes to the well-being of your staff and the workplace. This feeds back into the idea that people want to feel valued, and constructive change that is fed straight from the employees themselves will foster a far more positive outlook for all.

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