5 Adventurous Places You Must Visit in Nepal

Nepal is a country of beautiful and adventurous places to visit. No matter about its drawbacks like Nepal is a landlocked country or no matter about the economic condition, Nepal has thousands of tallest mountains and lakes in the world. Nepal is a beautiful country you will ever visit in your lifetime.

Therefore if you are planning to visit Nepal and want to make a lifetime memory then I make it easy and present you the 5 adventurous places you shouldn’t miss when you walk out in Nepal:

5 Adventurous Places You Should Visit in Nepal

#5 – Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is the first national park established in Terai Region, Chitawan which is also listed in the World Heritage Site. CNP is the ultimate destination for tourists as it offers with the jungle walks and  elephant safari ride. Chitwan National Park is notably the best destination for tourists to hang around and research.

#4 – Upper Mustang

The trek to Upper Mustang is situated at the secret holy place of the Buddhist kingdom of Mustang. According to myth, Mustang used to be the part of the Tibetian territory which is why is very firmly linked to Tibet. Upper Mustang is similar with Tibet in aspects. Upper Mustang is popularly known as various difficult and adventurous geographical conditions. Mustang is more like a desert. To put it another way, the culture and beauty are the major beasts for attracting tourists.

#3 – Rara Lake

Rara lake is the biggest lake situated in the laps of Himalayan ranges. Therefore, it covers the actual area of 10.8 sq. km. Rara lake is situated inside the Rara National Park.  By all means, this lake has helped a lot by preserving the eco-system and nature. This park and especially Rara lake is the home for numerous species and wild animals. We know the difficult geographical structure of Karnali that’s why the trekking route is also rough which has made it more adventurous.You can take the direct flight to Jumla and rest with the trek route to the lake.

#2 – Khaptad National Park

Khaptad covers a big area of Far Western Region including Bajhang, Bajura, Doti and Accham districts. KNP is named after Khaptad Baba. Since it is a national park, it will offer the trekkers with the scenic beauties and many species of birds and animals. Ultimately, Khaptad National Park is a place to attain inner peace.

#1 – Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp is the arguably and undoubtedly the favourite destination in the world. Base camp of Everest is the gateway to the world’s highest place. Therefore, who wouldn’t dare to try it once for their own’s sake and remembrance sake.

Final closure

In brief, I would like to say you guys to be the part of Nepal’s thrilling adventurous places. You will love them and would want to repeat again. Best of Luck!!

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