Essential Things You Need to Know About Children’s Hospitals

Kolkata is geographically situated within the lower Ganges Delta of eastern India. Kolkata’s northern and southern region is located along the east bank of the Hooghly River. It is approximately 65 kilometers west of Bangladesh’s international border. 

Kolkata is widely considered as India’s cultural capital because of its cultural significance and architectural history. It is also the seventh-most populated city in India with more than 4.5 million inhabitants within the city limits. Also, it is the third-most populous metropolitan area, with over 14.4 million residents.

Approximatel half of the population is composed of the 0-25 age group, which are prone to experience common health conditions.

Fortunately, the best children’s hospital in Kolkata caters to the needs of children that suffer from different health conditions. Despite the significance of hospitals for children, there is still a significant part of the populace that is not aware of its purpose. This article will talk about children’s hospitals and the essential things you need to know about them.

What are Children’s Hospitals?

According to an article by the Children’s Hospital Association, a child care hospital is a healthcare facility that offers its services primarily to infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, and even young adults. 

It caters to individuals right from birth up to the age of the majority and through ages older than 18. The best children’s hospital in Kolkata provides health care that is designed for the unique needs of children in this region. For instance, children need proper medication, dosing, and equipment that is appropriately sized for them.

Also, extra time is needed for tailored communications and more monitoring, as well as compassionate care that takes into consideration a child’s physical, behavioral, and mental development. A children’s hospital provides all of these things.

What are Common Illnesses or Conditions Treated in Children’s Hospitals?

Diseases occur because of several reasons, such as genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle, to name a few. The common illnesses and health conditions treated in children’s hospitals in Kolkata include some of the following:

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI)

Upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) is a condition that affects the upper structures of the respiratory system. Because It commonly involves the upper respiratory tract, it leads to signs and symptoms, such as sore throat, coughing, difficulty in swallowing, headache, and fever. 

The bacterial build-up is one reason why URTIs occur, but the environment also plays a huge role in its development. Because Kolkata is a highly-urbanized city, air pollution is rampant because of vehicular emissions and factories. This leads to an increased risk of developing URTI for the population, especially for children.


The conjunctiva is a combination of the inner surface of the eyelids and the outermost layer of the eye. Conjunctivitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the conjunctiva and its structures. Common symptoms include eye redness, itching, eye irritation, and watering of the eyes.

Conjunctivitis is common among the children of Kolkata because of the environment. Dust and other small particles present in the air—within the metropolis area—can penetrate the eye of children when they are playing outdoors or walking around.


Typhoid is a water-borne disease that is common in children in Kolkata because of poor sanitation. Areas in the city, such as the slums of Kolkata, have undesirable environments that predispose children to this type of illness.

The symptoms of typhoid include body pains, abdominal discomfort, lethargy, weakness, and rising temperatures because of fever.

 Who Treats Children in a Children’s Hospital?

The specialists and experts in a children’s hospital that caters to children are known as pediatricians. Pediatricians are medical doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating health conditions of infants, children, and adolescents, and perform health and wellness checkups catered for children.

Pediatricians further specialize in treating medical conditions of specific age ranges and body systems, such as pediatric oncologists, pediatric pulmonologists, critical care pediatricians, and pediatric gastroenterologists.

What are the Responsibilities of Pediatricians in a Children’s Hospital?

Pediatricians provide several health-related services to children that range from prevention care to the management of severe medical conditions. Common responsibilities of pediatricians include physical exams, administering vaccinations, prescribing medications, and treating various child health conditions.


A children’s hospital plays a great role in advancing the health of children in a given area. A children’s hospital can do this by providing the health care needs of the children of Kolkata. 

And pediatricians are responsible for improving the health of children to yield long-term benefits for the community. If you are a parent, bring your son or daughter to a children’s hospital to check up on his/her health from time to time.

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